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"Why Me"
"Open" and a Crunk & B song.. comin soon

but go check out "Love Is My Playground"!!!

Thanks for the support u guys..
Much Luv,

Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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Hey what up its ya boi TC..and im so greatful that u came to visit my site..i hope u enjoy my music cause i enjoyed makin it....and thanks everyone for the love caus i really appreciate listen to my songs..and hit me up on the message boards or my e-mail and tell me what you guys think...thanks again,

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Why this name?
well some of my family calls me tc..they are my thinkin about using my real name though if i make
Do you play live?
yessssssss....i love performing live........its just a feelin that comes over me when i perform..but the thing is that i alwayssssss get so nervous before i go on stage..but when i get out there...its on!!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps for alot of unsigned artists to get out there..especially sites like these..i enjoy sharing the gift God gave the world..i think its amazing..but there are downfalls because it can hurt an artists' record sales
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
well this has been my longgggggg life dream to be signed be out there and just givin my all..right now im in talks wit a couple of people and hopefully things will go the way i dreamed so u guys look out fa me!!!!
Your influences?
Whitney was a huge influence growin up...then when brandy came out...i was in two have taught me so much vocally i love and look up to both!!!!! also i like Micheal Jackson...Toni Braxton...Destiny's Child...Beyonce...
Favorite spot?
My home town in Kentucky...i love to chill there..alittle country town wit my fam..its so coo...
Equipment used:
well the equipment i use is Acoustica Mp3 Audio Mixer..nothing too lavish but it works...
Anything else...?
Also I just wanna thank ya'll for everything...i have a great support system and i pray that u guys continue to support..i love ya'll.
much love,
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