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Holy Head
NEWS   New songs have been uploaded to the site. They have been converted from recently found cassette tapes of earlier bands from Dwain and Glen.
Taken from about 1985
Alloy from about 1992
Closer to the Fire
uploaded on
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Safe House
New School
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play hi-fi  Someday (Alloy)
play hi-fi  Closer to the Fire (Alloy)
play hi-fi  Fifty Fifty (Alloy)
play hi-fi  Can't Figure 'Em Out (Alloy)
play hi-fi  Fast and Ready (Alloy)
play hi-fi  Fifty Fifty (Taken)
play hi-fi  Standing in the Rain (Taken)
play hi-fi  Remember the Nights (Taken)
play hi-fi  Taken (live)
play hi-fi  Ewalk
South Florida Rock at its finest...
This is to keep the music alive.
It would be a shame for all the effort to write and record this music to be lost in time.
Feel free to download and share.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's great, now music is not controlled by the almighty huge Labels. Let the music run wild!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, who wouldn't, but it would have to be on mutually beneficial arrangement.
Band History:
This is to keep the music alive.
It would be a shame for all the effort to write and record this music to be lost in time.
Feel free to download and share.

Dwain and Glen met in a short lived “garage” band, instantly, the guitar / bass combo just clicked and carried through...

It was all about music, keeping it true and real...

Dwain and Glen found Stacy to jam with the band. He kept the beat steady from then on.

Dwain, Stacy and Glen just plugging away… writing and just plain jamming…. Chillin' in the humble rehearsal space in the upstairs room. Logically, the next project was getting this stuff recorded. The “laire” turned in to a primitive recording studio and doubles as a humble spot to hang out relax and jam.
One night, some buddies brought Picc and E to check it out, and it just happened...

The original raw blues / rock / metal combo mixed with street hip hop, offers new kickin' sounds that will ROCK YOU BACK!!
Your influences?
As you can tell the guitars, bass, and drums, are defintely old school, such as Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Beatles, Clapton, Rush, up the the 90's and newer rock styles. Vocals are Kid Rock, Rap, Eminem, Vanilla Ice, Beastie Boys
Equipment used:
Recording gear:
Korg D8 Digital Recording Studio
Mackie 1202 Mixer / Preamp
Alesis NanoCompressor
Digitech DSP 256 Digital Effects Processor
AKG 2002 Condenser Mic, Shure SM57 and SM58 Mics

Mastering / digital editing:
Dell XPS 700 equipped with Dio 2448 Soundcard
Editing Program: Audacity
Mastering Program: Magix audio cleaning Lab 3.0

Anything else...?
The music features both the current Holy Head tunes along with the original versions featuring just Dwain, Glen, and Stacy
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