Joe Stone
Nights in Berlin
New School
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I have been playing my guitar and singing most of my life, as either a soloist or as the front man in a band. I knew at a very early age that I could play any instrument and that I could pretty much play any song after only hearing it once. I feel blessed with this gift of being so musically inclined. I always knew I could sing. I can remember listening over and over to Fats Domino's "My Blue Heaven" on my mom's record player when I was two or three years old in New Jersey. That particular song had a great impact on my life. The way I felt hearing that song made me want to give that feeling to others. I dedicated my life to that goal. I grew up making music whenever and wherever I could with whatever instrument was at hand. I started writing songs.

When I heard The Beatles, I was in the 8th grade. I knew instantly how good they were and immediately started playing their songs. I love The Beatles and could always imitate them.

I continued writing songs and putting bands together and performing regularly through out my high school years. I attended college on Maui, Hawaii for two years and moved back to the New Jersey. Moved to Florida, where I met my wife Mary and then to California, where our three children were born. In Los Angeles I had the distinct honor of playing at the first Beatlefest with my first Beatles band, Blue Jay Way. Then came Beatlemania and Beatlefever, where I portrayed Paul McCartney for several years touring extensively, culminating with performances in the main showrooms in Las Vegas. I felt that I was compromising my own creativity. I threatened to quit many times but the money and attention was too great.

I wrote and recorded my own songs when I could find the time. One single (45) on Gibraltar Records "Alone With You/I Never Knew" got international airplay and has been playing in Japan, France, Germany, Russia and other countries. While on the road, I missed my wife and children. Finally, after turning down a trip to Japan and New Zealand, we moved to New Jersey and then to Ohio, raising our children.

I write and record my own songs in my home studio and perform regularly as a soloist or with my band.

Your influences?
Fats Domino, early Rock & Roll, the Beatles, British Invasion, Classical
Anything else...?

1951 Gibson CF100e
OH State Fair 2012
Heart Walk 2012
Bedford Co Fair
PBSF 2011
1966 Harmony H 79 12 string
Las Vegas
Peter Noone and me in Columbus,Ohio
1978 BlueJayWay
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