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The Prophet of Mephisto
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Hip Hop
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Hello, everyone! My name is Bradley Burr, otherwise known as the Prophet of Mephisto. I've been composing a variety of music for about six years now. I started out with electronica back in high school, and moved into classical, jazz, and rock during college.

I was an instrumental music ed major in college (saxophone is my instrument), and I'm currently working on a performance degree for my Masters work at Ithaca College.

I'm currently writing soundtracks for two games: Ye Olde Panic! (XBLA) and iRis AG (iPhone).

Why this name?
This name is my handle on the excellent video game remixing site OCRemix ( I just thought it sounded cool. Isn't that where the best names come from?
Do you play live?
Not often. I've done a few live shows, but in general my work is computer-based. It's tough to do a concert where you hit the play button and sit back.

When it comes to saxophone, though, I've performed in over 200 concerts in the last five or six years between my undergraduate work and my graduate work. Almost none of these performances involved my own works, but I've performed one or two of my pieces live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Completely. Having all this music available for anyone who wants it at any time really increases the awareness for music in all walks of life. it helps me get my name out there as well, of course.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Oh, of course! Any chance to do composing and writing music as my job would be excellent.
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