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tempo valley
Kevin Short
What Do You Believe In?
EDM Instrumental
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Tempo Valley is the production crew, live band/brand working out of Fort Union Studios in Chinatown, Hawaii...
Why this name?
Born and raised on Oahu, there's a valley on the Windward (windy) side of the island called Temple Valley. The temple is also a sacred place, whether in your mind (between your temples), or in a temple or where ever your sanctuary is, we use the TEMPO to stimulate your thoughts and senses and take you to a higher place, hopefully a bit closer to nirvana.

"Valley of the Tempo" and
"Memoirs of the Tempo"
Do you play live?
Right in your backyard. We've also played at Jazz Minds, a lounge just outside of Waikiki on Kapiolani Blvd for a few years, also at NextDoor, 39 Hotel, Don Ho's, Breakers, Osake Lounge, KTUH, Turtle Bay with The Barraquios, etc. just to name a few of the shows we've done over the last couple of years.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Now people all over the world can feel the TEMPO.

Artists and Musicians have to step up to a new level of presentation, meaning live performances, touring, and having material for listeners to take with them.

With so much music available to download, listeners no longer have to go to local record stores to purchase music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Nope, but I need a major distribution deal.
U know anybody?
Your influences?
V-luv(soulbrothers) (L.O.S) Ali Shaheed (A Tribe called Quest), Foriegn Exchange, Eric Sermon (def squad)the Roots' ?uestlove, Hi-Tech, J-Dillla, Ruckus (Wild Kingdom), Dr.Dre, Sade, Sweetback, India Arie, Erykah Badu, Billy Miles to name a few... cuz the list goes on & on...

Favorite spot?
@ the FORT UNION STUDIOS in Chinatown, Hawaii with the crew writing, writing, writing.
Equipment used:
Akai Mpc 3000 & Mpc500, Techniques 1200, Reason, Ableton, Pro-Tools, live musicians, records, pen and pad in hand with a nickel bag of funk
Anything else...?
Also visit us on
Itunes, , Napster, and for ringtones
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