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Rick Roman and The Synthetic Music Machine
Rick Roman and The Synthetic Music Machine
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play hi-fi  The Shadow Of The Almighty
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Classic Rock meets Praise and Worship/ Pop/ Progressive/ Retro - Recorded at Roman Recordings ( that little home studio ) these songs are creative and different. If you enjoy creative rock, these songs are for you. If you love the word of God, these songs are also for you. May the Lord bless you as you listen.
Why this name?
After playing with Christian Raw Dog, this best describes what Rick is doing now. Rick plays with a Korg X3 and his guitar. So he calls his keyboard The Synthetic Music Machine.
Do you play live?
Rick has played in the past with different groups.
All kinds of places.
Yes, there has been special moments, always when God moves in special ways. But now it just seems like the Lord just has me in my little studio just playing the songs I sense in my spirit to do. Then I send them out to see if there is any reaction to them. Many special moments in the studio with the Lord.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well, Rick is able to spend more time in his home studio and communicate what he is doing there. It has opened up a whole new door way to share the music given by the Lord. Rick believes his music is inspired by the Lord and prophetic in nature. So the body of Christ from all over can hear and judge if it is from God or not. Just like the bible says we should. 1 Cor. 14:29
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only the Lord knows that question............
Band History:
Rick started playing guitar when he was about sixteen, around 1966.
Back then it always seemed he was playing in some band playing
at schools and parties. Then he went to Chicago to go to college
and joined a brass band, that was cool. Then he came home got
married and still played music, only now his ambition was to
make it big somehow. That was in 1968. He was playing in allot
of different bands and playing allot of different places, it seemed
like each band lasted about 8 or 9 months then he was in another one.
Then Rick met Paul a drummer who had the same ambition as he, they hit
it off pretty good and they found Berry a bass player and
called themselves" AD ". They began to tape their music and write songs
as they gave it their all. At that time Rick started drinking and smoking allot
of weed, yes this was back in 1971. By the time 1972 came, all their
hopes and dreams just came to and end. Rick found himself becoming
spiritually hungry, his life was falling apart because he was always high.
Rick had some friends who were heavy into drugs and they were all of a
sudden carrying bibles and talking about Jesus. Rick always thought
he had an open mind about things, so he would listen to what they
had to say. One of them told him to go home and start reading
the Gospel of John, just pray and ask God to show Himself to you.
Well, to Rick's surprise God began to speak to him thru the bible and
to make a long story short, Rick gave himself to Jesus Christ. (1972)
Then Rick's music totally changed and he was no longer drinking and
smoking weed. Jesus began cleaning up his life with His power.
He was still playing Rock but it was about the true Rock which is Christ.
He joined a band called " Harvest " a local group and played with them
from 1973 to about 1976 playing and giving testimony.
Then the Lord told him to lay it down for a while, so he sold all of his equipment.
Then somebody gave him an acoustic guitar and he used it to write songs.
Then in 1988 he built a little home studio with his son Rick Jr. Rick felt a
green light from the Lord. The first CD " Let God Arise " under the name of
Raw Dog was born. Two other brothers Bernie Hahn and Robert Schwartz
joined Rick after the first CD. During this time the band "Raw Dog" which is
now called "Christian Raw Dog" was the three and it was healing therapy for
Rick. Rick felt a green light from the Lord and the three put out three more
CD's and the fellowship was great. Those days lasted until 1996 when things
and circumstances changed for the three and they went there separate ways.
Then Rick started a new project and called it "Rick Roman & The Synthetic
Music Machine ". Rick just felt it was more true to what was happening in his
life at that point in time because he was by himself and he had his keyboard.
His first CD " Journey To The Son " and his second "Plateaus Of Praise".....is completed and these songs are a
reflection of that. May the Lord bless you as you listen. There is a new CD
in the works called "Come As You Are".....and we are uploading some cuts
as they become available.
Your influences?
Rick likes Phil Keaggy and in the past he was into Jimi Hendrix, Mountain, Grand Funk and Led Zeppelin, Chicago and others. But now, he is changing allot to just play how he feels inspired by the Holy Spirit. He would say Classic Rock meets praise and worship.
Favorite spot?
Rick loves to stay at home and record
Equipment used:
Korg X3 keyboard
Fender Bullet Bass
Yamaha acoustic 12 string
Fostex FD-8 Digital Multitracker
Marantz CD Recorder
Hey what ever I can get my hands on.......
Anything else...?
Roman Recordings - Our Purpose
To glorify the Lord and His Word in our music.
Music was created by the Lord for His Word and His Word fits perfectly into it.
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Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine
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Harvest 1974 (Early Jesus Rock Band)

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