Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  i want to-1
play hi-fi  Rockabye Me Baby
play hi-fi  Thinkin' About Drinkin'
play hi-fi  Soul Keeper (w/lead guitar)
play hi-fi  Pure (duet version)
play hi-fi  Forever Dancin...
play hi-fi  PURE (female vocal)
play hi-fi  Simple Love
play hi-fi  Believe
play hi-fi  Remix of Gimme Gimme Some Heartache
THREE words:

My songs will make you shiver. They will make you think. They will make you remember them because they are alive - just waiting for you to listen to their message that only they can send you. Though with various melodies and expressions of words - it's all about the love/hate thing in various forms, different colors, personal experiences, and depths of all degrees.
Why this name?
Because it's just natural and fits the color of my wings perfectly. My name and I go way back.
Do you play live?
No - I'm a secret songwriter. Only a few lucky ones get to even hear me sing my songs. It's a personal thing. My songs are very close to my heart.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes life much easier, you know, allowing us much more accessability to a larger variety of undiscovered talent out there.

Your influences?
Influences? I just write what I feel and hear, and copy no one or nothing. Music is a very personal experience for me - written from my higher self and also through channeling. It is my life's purpose.
Favorite spot?
Unique small towns with a lot of personality. I love to travel and hang out in new places.
Equipment used:
Djemba. I enjoy percussion too.
Jetty Island jet skiing!
Wink! What a CUTIE!
My kiddo took this pic in China!
Angel collage'
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