Beat Demons
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accent the paws
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play hi-fi  tapping sound
play hi-fi  Avenger
play hi-fi  Instrumental Paws
play hi-fi  Out of Nowhere
play hi-fi  Martha's Order
play hi-fi  Softer
play hi-fi  Don't Tell Me What To Do
play hi-fi  Najma
What are we gonna do for you that hasn't been done already?
ACCENT THE PAUSE, stop. Play. Well...It's different.
Why this name?
Cat's meow, here, there, in the vibe. Cats prance, on the keys, on the paws. It's in the pause, in the step. It's a tune.
Do you play live?
No, we play dead and live live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
You're it! You're listening to it, you're bringing it, you're making it happen. Thanks!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Are you kidding? And what's your favorite tag?
Band History:
Dan's the band. Experienced studio wizard, performer and producer. Amazing ears and sounds. That special flare for the unexpected musical amusement. Assimilating many ethnic sounds and world influences into something that's never predictable, always different. Using some of the latest and greatest tools of the future/modern age. Fully capable.

Damian and Brother Joseph (aka some pAris) sing and make up words. Dan performs manipulative tricks with vocals, keeping these guys far enough from the mainstream, close enough to a new adventure.

Your influences?
beatles, moog, moody blues, vangelis, keith emerson, bill bottrell, mancini, pete townsend, dylan, jerry, occasionally great visionaries and one-hit wonders, the great masters.
Favorite spot?
on top of the...
keyboard, fretboard, fame-bored gameboard...
Equipment used:
cubase SX v2.0., hammerfall dsp9652 sound card. synths: access virus C, korg karma, audity 2000 e-mu, roland vp9000 variphase processor, albino soft synth, and many other virtual synths. drums: stylus, ableton live, akai mpc 2000, reason. apogee convertor, great river pre-amp, mackie monitors and board, ensoniq asr-10 sampler. taylor, guild, gibson, alvarez, variax and many guitars.
Anything else...?
Yeah, good songwriting, too. It actually means something? What have you got to say for yourself?
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