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Steve Corr
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Idiot Strength was the the name of the band I formed many years ago. I just used the name cuz I still like it and wondered if anyone out there might remember us. According to my parents I was writing songs at the tender age of three. My first piece was entitled, "Citrioens going faster"
A few years ago I decided to get myself a small computer and began to discover just how much I could do with all this new fangled techno wizardry. These songs and instrumental pieces are the results thus far. More shall arive in due course.
Why this name?
At the time of forming in the early 80's, there was a strong right wing skinhead movement accross the UK. The name signified (in my mind at least)
just how stupid and ignorant those who seek power through force are. Might is right and all that, just doesn't work for me.
Do you play live?
I've not played live for around five or six years now, but if I could find suitable musicians then I would love to get back on the horse as they say.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In theory I think it's great that people from all around the globe can share music, but I don't imagine it's going to bring more people to see us play in London, but you never know.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'd make sure I had my self a good music lawyer.
But yea, I'd love a major record deal.
Band History:
Idiot strength were a three piece who came originaly from Bristol England.formed around 1984.Played various sqaut gigs and then uped sticks and went in search of fame and fortune to London. The band are no more, but I (Steven Corr)
singer/songwriter/guitarist, still write and play
and produce music at home on my computer. the fruits of which shall be posted here in due course
Your influences?
Well now, I used to be a hippy at the age of 9 but then 1977 happened and it was punk rock for me and nothing else. But punk wasn't the be all and end all. Being the youngest of six gave me an education in music from an early age. I was listening to Leonard Cohen, Melanie Safka, (I've even done a cover of one of her songs) The Beatles,The Stones, Roy Harper, Slade, T.rex, The Kinks, Bob Dylan,and then I heard, "God Save The Queen" and, "New Rose by the Damned and realised that I didn't need a degree in music to express my self. These days I listen to all sorts, but still a lot of old punk, Tom waits is one of my all time hero's. Hefner, loads of old Ska, the White Stripes are currently sitting in my CD player.
Favorite spot?
I can't say I really have one.
Equipment used:
well, I use Cakewalk's Sonar which I love, a few Native Instruments synths. I'm running them on a P3 700, win2k Yamaha Sw1000xg & DSP factory combo.
Anything else...?
I'm sure I'll think of something before I die.
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