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A little ditty I wrote. If you like it, you can get yourself a digital download at itunes, Amazon mp3 or emusic. Just look for the artist: Blimp & the album Vertical Hold. You can also visit blimp here:
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play hi-fi  tiny tiny
play hi-fi  Outside
play hi-fi  Taco Taco (or Taco x 2)
play hi-fi  Don't tell me
play hi-fi  Market
play hi-fi  Close your windows
play hi-fi  Monsters
play hi-fi  You're the one
Blimp. Often acoustic, sometimes electric, usually quirky and always eclectic.....The music of Blimp!
Why this name?
why not?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has given me the opportunity to sell my music on iTunes and Amazon.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Why not?
Band History:
Who is Blimp? Where do they come from? What do they sound like? Why should I care? Well, these are all good questions with generally respectable answers.

Who: Blimp is simply the name that Dave Girtsman uses for his musical project. Did you know that the term "blimp" is the sound the airship makes when one taps the balloon with a finger? This Blimp is practically the same. There really isn’t a “theyâ€쳌 in Blimp; it's mostly just a “he.â€쳌 That being said, Dave does enjoy the occasional musical collaboration from some very talented friends.

Where: Dave hails from the lovely seaside town of Ventura, California. Now, the coast is too windy for a blimp, but Dave has been writing and performing music there for as long as blimps have been around. Actually, that's not true. Anyway, this is where Blimp has settled down.

What: The music of Blimp has been described as sounding somewhere in between Tom Waits, Nino Rota and Vic Chesnutt. A big fan of such artists as Elvis Costello and XTC, you'll likely hear their influence on Blimp, though Dave would never have the audacity to compare himself to such musical greats.

Why: Well, if you enjoy the cleverly crafted, semi-quirky, extremely catchy tune, then there’s more than a chance that you will be aurally pleased by the music of Blimp! We highly suggest that you lend your ears to the helium-filled music project in the sky!

Additional tidbits: Dave has played in many local bands in the Ventura area and has worked as a supporting musician for such notables as Susanna Hoffs and the Primitive Radio Gods. He is a semi-regular contributor to the XM Radio show “Musician’s Radioâ€쳌 and as of late has been composing music for animated short films.
Your influences?
Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, XTC, etc...