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Swerve (Free D/L)
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Drop A Jewel On Em
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1st music video from the 'Gully Deluxe' Album. All music & lyrics are composed, produced, arranged, mixed & mastered by Saukar. Video directed & editied by P. Stone
Downtown Music
Sex With My Ex No Hook (FREE D/L)
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I'm a musician / songwriter/ MC. I produce different kinds of music: Electronica, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz.

On this site you'll see a variety of different songs by myself and other artists that I have worked with.

I have been getting my songwriting/production technique down for the past 12 years, now I'm releasing my music to be heard. I have started my own publishing company "HeatHolders Music Association" which will include my music & others music in the Midwest. Not Genre specific.

Contact me: twitter: @fatdaddysaukar
reverb nation:
Do you play live?
The only way to go is live! I've been performing off & on since I've been 8 years old. The best performance was at my high school with my brother for the school Christmas assembly.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
"IN PROGRESS (I have alot of history)"
Your influences?
I listen to ALL music. There is nothing I cannot be inspired from. However I have a tendency to love 70's Jazz & R& B Music and early 90's Hip-Hop. When I was coming up, most of the music I heard from these times had no creative limits in my opinion.
Favorite spot?
Chicago...noting beats the Chi!!
Equipment used:
If I told would take away some of the magic :)
Rockin 4 Yo Metropolis
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