One Kid's Lunch
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One Kid's Lunch.

"Sunday School" songs for grown-ups.

Who are these guys anyway?

Two friends since about the 5th grade with a tendency to the weird, Dustin and Dave have been writing songs for over twenty years.

After the thundering silence that greeted classics like "The Heimlich Maneuver", "Uncle Sam (is a Metal Man)" and "He Thinks He's a Kite!" (along with a few dozen band name changes,) and, even with the most excellent and humbling inclusion of "Attack of the 90ft Lounge Lizard" in an international Dr. Demento broadcast---the duo were compelled to dedicate their musical gifts (however rich or meager you might find them) to exploring their own faith, often tipping a sacred cow or two along the way.

C'mon, it'll be good for you....

You might just like it.

Why this name?
John 6:9
Do you play live?
Well, we did once. The host's exact wording after we finished, I think was, "...I don't know what you call that...but it sure was good, right?!"

Your influences?
Influences? umm...we listened to a lot of Priest, Helix, They Might Be Giants, Simon and Garfunkle and so on.
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