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play hi-fi  The tides of my soul
play hi-fi  Aidan's Anthem
play hi-fi  Bravo One
play hi-fi  Caught in the Drift
play hi-fi  Cold Fuzion
play hi-fi  Elevate
play hi-fi  fly away
play hi-fi  Freedom's Ring
play hi-fi  mpls calling
play hi-fi  Nocturne Chopin remake by Xeno&Joy(hardtrance mix)
Main programer and song writer/ Lance Williams... 39 years old and has been in the electronic music scene since 89-90. Mostly as a dancer but in the last 12 years have managed to teach myself many variuos music creation programs for p.c. Also with newly aqcuired hardware I am moving into full multi media production to include full visualization to go with my music. God,I thank you for this gift.
Why this name?
Xeno stands for Xenophob...which means alien, stranger or foreigner. 71 is for the year I was made.
Do you play live?
presently sending demos to get gigs, do some dj'ing when available
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
its opened up a whole new world to indie artist like myself . Enabling us to get our music out and heard. But in the other hand it has made us more vunerable, like for instance I was taken by Kid Atrim Music from new york. I highly advice everyone to be wary of dealings with them.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yea under the right circumstances
Band History:
What can I say...Been a party kid for almost 12 years and I have had my day in the sun and had my fun gettin down to many of the tracks of yesteryear. I feel that its time for me to return that joy to someone else who is moved by what I make.
Your influences?
B.B.E., Union Jack,Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, George Acosta
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
laptop with several music programs ...too many to list. Hardware: korg karma,korg eletribe esx-1, microkorg,technics sk-700 routed thru kaospad2, yamaha 18 channel stereo mixer, SB Audigy 2zx, 5.1 surround monitor setup.
Anything else...?
For merchandise and cd's go to
There you'll find hand drawn things to wear,carry and stickers to show your support thru.
Please support your independant artists.
Thx, Xeno
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