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play hi-fi  Deep Zone
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play hi-fi  Black Eyes
play hi-fi  Out of love
play hi-fi  MIDI is alive
We are not cool hip or whatever
Just best of the best
Why this name?
Others more trendy was in use already
Do you play live?
No. It’s too expensive for us to provide work for other musician.
Though we can. Honestly.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think soon the whole live on the earth will be changed and internet is the one of the not worth mentioning indication of what’s going on.
It’s like to answer to the question “How do you think does the burst of the galaxy change dinosaur’s manners.”
But in the short run turnover not necessary sheer volume will go down.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It depends
Band History:
Igor Zorin was born 13.06.1967 in Moscow. He’s started playing piano at 6 years old in music school. Vladimir Ulianov was born 01.12.1966 in Novosibirsk. He’s begun playing violin at 6 years old in music school. At 8 he’s moved to Moscow and got into the same school class with Igor. At the age of 14 he’s started first to play classic guitar and then electro guitar. Since 1983 Igor and Vladimir play in different groups as a keyboard and guitar player and begin first experiments with multi track recording. Because of lack of opportunity to use modern technology at that time we had have to invent some of them from scratch. We had soldered down a couple of multi track recorders, learning to put on tape drums bass guitars. Inventing drumloops by gluing tapes in loops. At the same time we had learned to play various musical instruments. In 1989 we’ve bought our first synthesizer Korg Poly 800. Later same year we’ve managed to get our first drum machine Alesis HR-16. In 1991 in Berlin, Germany we’ve bought Korg M1. In 1993 we’ve compose and recorded soundtrack for a feature film “Dreams” (director Karen Shachnazarov nowadays director of Mosfilm). At the same period of time was bought our first PC 386. Since that time we’ve assembled and installed more then 60 computers for some of the leading Moscow’s studios and musicians. In 1994 we open our first recording studio in collaboration with small recording label called “Marx”. In 1995 we’ open another studio called “Talant Records” in collaboration with “Corvette Sound” (label run by V.Gubin). Everything was closed after 1998’s crisis. In 1999 first in Moscow we’re buying Mackie d8b and open our own studio “Focused Song Studio”.
To be continued……
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Mackie D8b
ADAT MOTU 2408 1224
Tannoy System 12 DMT2
Hafler pro 2400
ISA 430
Aphex Exciter Expressors Massenburg MDW (plug-in for D8b)
Tube-Tech PE-1C Program Equalizer
Drawmer ADX 100
Lexicon PCM 80 MPXs Vortex
Neumann U87 TLM170
K2500, E-Synch, Waldorf Q, Matrix 6, Korg M-1
Cubase Midex 8 many more…
Anything else...?
No I would like to
But No
Thank you
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