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I'm T-man and I was the lead singer/founder of the Power Metal band Hollowpoint out of Lawrence,Mass.

Hollowpoint broke up in 2002 and haven't been in contact ever since. I am not currently updating or checking this site very often...This is just more or less a place to keep the music we made out there and who knows maybe an opportunity for an ex bandmate to see this site and get in touch.
Why this name?
I have a LONG history of loving firearms and hollowpoint bullets will kill you better than any other type....Just like our music!!
Do you play live?
Do you play live? - Not since we broke up.
Do you like it? - When I did there was nothing better!!
Any special moments? - Wrote American Pride on July 4 2001...Over two months before 9-11 which meant alot to me because it wasn't a bandwagon song like so many bands rushed to do but my actual feeling for this great country we live in.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Dramatically, It makes the record companies have to work harder to get you to buy there product instead of just shrinkwrapping a cd and throwing it out there now they have videos, internet links, etc...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only if it would seriously effect the direction in which I am heading at that time.
Band History:
T-man - Vocals/Bass
Josh Peglow - All Guitars/Bass
Big Al - Drums & Percussion

***Sidenote: Josh Peglow is one of my FAVORITE musicians I ever collborated with, He's from Methuen,Mass and if anyone reads this and knows him please foward this link to him so that he may be able to view it.***
Your influences?
Suicidal Tendencies
Sick Of It All
Stuck Mojo

Old School Thrash in general...
Favorite spot?
Anywhere in FLA
Atlantic City, NJ
Anything else...?
I'm currently singing in several bands with another long time collborator,Actually the first person I ever made music with back in 1987 and who I have a deep rooted respect for his ability to match up music that go with my lyrics perfectly...Here is his site..