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The Razbaque Dirge Project
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Hip Hop
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Realities unlike the one around you now... ones made by the imagined visuals produced by sounds.

Instrumentals, underscores, and soundtracks.
Do you play live?
Some of these songs find their way to be revamped by Alternative band, Thrown to the Wolves, with whom I perform live.

Other songs manage to become tracks for Sydiot.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Band History:
Razbaque Dirge is a product of the 80s, whose growing fascination with music's twisting vines eventually led him to England's Bristol sound. After years performing with Thrown to the Wolves, Razbaque Dirge started releasing home made instrumentals... this outlet allowed the composer to branch out into many of the different genres he enjoys... with forty-some-odd albums released between 2004 to today.
Your influences?
80s & 90s Alternative... Trip-Hop... Downtempo... Chillout... Psychedelic Rock... Industrial... instrumental Hip Hop... experimental stuff... Minimal.... Ambient...... anything and everything I've ever heard...... it all goes in the pot.

Favorite spot?
Buffalo, New York, USA, Earth, Solar, Milky Way...
Equipment used:
Chordophones, Electrophones, Idiophones, Aerophones, Membranophones.
Anything else...?
Bands started in primary school, shared basement demo tapes, released a studio album, and kept a collection of audible sketches on cassettes. Maintained a rock band in secondary school, released another studio albums with a third while in college. Began building a home studio and released albums in the form of chronological volumes of material that I've now been doing for over ten years. Besides illustrations and paintings that hang or adorn the homes of friends and a few private collectors, some published poems from my early teenage years, music has really been my most successful outlet of creativity. Altogether, I've created more than five hundred original compositions and show no signs of stopping any time soon... music is magic. Thank you for listening. 8)>
44 Cold Chill
43 Morass
42 Stentorian
41 Frequent
40 What if?
39 Han
38 Wherewithal
37 Beside Solanum
36 Solanum
35 Bortle
34 Aftermath
33 Optophobia
32 Impossible
31 Peculiar
30 Hide & Seek
29 Daymares
28 Shade
27 The Blahs
26 Diabolique
25 Zann
24 M
23 Tension Snaps
22 Abapical
21 Galanty
20 Different
19 Cobalt
18 Random
17 13 Songs of Halloween
16 The Bottom
15 Leech
14 Malfunction
13 Ellipsis
12 Future Wasteland
11 Bumble
10 Prolong
09 Submerged
08 Memoriam
07 Braindance
06 Culmination
05 Mirrors and Smoke
04 Outside
03 Capricious
02 Sleepless
01 Cellar Door
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