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Blues 2000
NEWS   ANOTHER LIVE CHAT with Blues 2000
December, 14 - THU - 18/19:00 PM (Brazil Summer Time)on
The group talked about their career, shows, songs, idols, and much more, specially about Miller Time & Blues Festival. If you have missed it, see some clips of this interview bellow:
Blues2000: Good night to all bluespeople that are on line in the Crossroads channel of the Radioclick. I thank you of and for the invitation for this interview.
P:Would like to know if the name of the band in the new year goes to move for 2001?
Blues 2000: Still we do not decide if we will launch our model 20001. It can be...
P:Blues 2000, where do you come from? Still I do not know your work , but the path of the work is made of traditional blues?
Blues2000: We are all from Rio De Janeiro, except Dave who is from San Francisco, CA. Yes, deep root blues, but we also play some proper musics beyond the old classics blues.
Blues2000: We opt to this type of repertoire because of our formation that includes two musicians in saxofones and one in the keyboard, what allows us to faithful reproduce the classics of blues as they had been recorded in the original and it offers a great versatility to ourselves in the conception of arrangements for our own songs.
P: Which are your idols?
Blues2000: Our idols would occupy an interminable stack... say that the Kings of blues: specially BB, Fred and Albert.among others.
P: Does someone who follows blues, has a fall for soul and jazz. Is it also your case?
Blues2000: Personally I could say yes, but this is not emphasized in the work of the band.
P: How do you analyze the Brazilian scene blues?
Blues2000: In this level, Brazil has much thing to construct... In Rio De Janeiro, in the last 5 years I have perceived a refreshing of the scene. A new interesting and competent harvest of musicians exists and are opting to play the Blues.
P: Blues2000, will you go to ROCK IN RIO?
Blues2000: Is this an invitation? Rock in Rio Festival! It would be excellent if this this type of mega event had space inside for blues , with certainty, this would add good music to the festival... but still it will not be this time.
P: Don´t you think it is a nonsense not to have blues in the festival? Blues2000: Totally. Of course.
Blues2000: The Blues & Beer has participated with honours of the seletive contest for the festival, being classified . However they had not got enough success, therefore electronic music was the preferred one in that semifinal.
P: Are you in favor of the MP3?
Blues2000: Totally in favor of the MP3. This is a new channel that if opens for the artists. We can have a closer contact with the public. This creates a new relation of music while consumption product, bringing more freedom for artists in showing what they want and for the public in hearing what they like.
P: Who would you like to share the stage with?
Blues2000: The shows of our band have always the participation of musicians invited. This makes me very happy, therefore to each show always we have a different situation and we can have pride to share the stage with some of the most important names from the new Carioca blues scene .
P:What are the next plans to the band? Blues2000: To play abroad. We have received proposals from Spain, Australia and the USA.
P: Do you think that a career outside Brazil would be more viable? Blues2000: Perhaps, but still we do not have this as main goal. We still believe the local potential, but without a doubt the external market is tempting...
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BLUES 2000 has a proposal to carry through one pool of bands who are united in a project of caster for presentations, with members deriving from diverse groups of the new Carioca blues scene. In the basic formation, Blues 2000 is: Tavinho Rangel (vocal and guitar - Blues&Beer), Marcelo Auro (vocal and guitar - Farani Band), Bira (bass - Rio Mississippi), Nilo Batuka (drums - Farani Band), increased of eventual participation and sharing the stage with innumerable guests. The foursome presents a repertoire of classic standards and also some original material into the best style of Jam Session of the smoking bars of Chicago.
Why this name?
Well, it was a new year that had just begun and a new band that got together to jam for fun. Blues is our genre and 2000 the year we have started to play together. I think although it may appear simple it is the best answer.
Do you play live?
Of course. This is what´s Blues 2000 is all about. The band loves to jam and it is something that only could happen playng live many times.
Every concert we do is a single unforgetable experience as we have different guests in each of our shows, but we could say Buzios and Realengo Cultural Center concerts were very special moments.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes, of course it has changed. It has brought more freedom for the artists.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well, at the moment, it doesn´t seem to matter as much as in the past. We really do not have this as a goal.
Band History:
The Blues 2000 is a band that is jamming all the time. Formed in late 1999, it started out as an jam meeting celebrating the end of Miller Time & Blues – the biggest Blues Festival ever made in Rio de Janeiro and putting together the eleven band´s members who have played the whole event, they had made an unforgetable closing night.
The successfull and joyable experience has evolved into being a band for monthly Blues Jam Sessions at any venue in Rio de Janeiro.
In the words of Tavinho Rangel, singer and guitar player who found the group and has conceived its idea, “BLUES 2000 has a proposal to carry through one pool of bands joined in a project of caster for presentations, with special guest integrants deriving from diverse groups of the new Carioca blues scene”.
Tavinho soon recruited a basic line-up: drummer Nilo Batuka and guitar player Marcelo Auro (both from Farani Blues Band) and bass player Bira (from Rio Mississipi). Eventually, the band also has a horn section that is made up of hard-hitting saxophone players, Alex Bird on tenor sax and the american Dave Sommers on baritone sax.
In Marcelo´s opinion: “This band is much more than just a cover band, these guys have an unusual amount of flexibility and are able to play anything with anybody as you can notice some of the notable guests they have shared the stage with”.
Your influences?
The band has developed a chemistry that is energetic and very much fun to watch and hear. Blues 2000 draws some of its influence from the jump sounds of Buddy Guy, B.B. King and T-Bone Walker as well as a repertoire of original music.
Favorite spot?
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Anything else...?
The band first CD called "BLUES 2000 Live Jam" was recorded live at Realengo Cultural Center. The band´s basic line-up has been added some special guests as Ney Correa and Alessandro Harp (both on harmonicas) and Cleber Coelho (on drums). See more informations about this concert at the reviews section.
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