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'Honest' Sage The Gemini x Kid Ink // ENERGETIC
New School
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play hi-fi  Princess of the wind
What we're listenning to sometimes spy on us, contemplating us, sending us back our thoughts. Manifold loss. Waves already break up on drift-ice. Let us alive on a greasy shore. Into the eye of a slow hurricane. A dying cigarette. Very last breathe of grey before the night.
J.H (2004)
translated from french to english by S.Corbarieu

J.H deeply touches our soul by writing again for Travelling Music. After [Lemoine]'s stratospheric introduction here comes CancelN's.
In my opinion, J.H. tries to say the music was watching him, in a way he felt observed. More than that, as if a mirror would try to inflect the images sent back, the songs modify the consciousness of his own self. It might sound a bit excessive. But who knows. Records are full of surprises. Apprehended differently by each one. We hope it would produce something good for you. Sincerely, we would be flattered.
The travelling music team.
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