Dave Shephard
10 Love sunrise
Country General
A beautiful timeless love song.
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play hi-fi  Fly me to the moon (In other words)
play hi-fi  kibou ~sono toki~ (Hope ~that moment~)
play hi-fi  Come back to me
play hi-fi  INBETWEEN
play hi-fi  Love you more
play hi-fi  Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (FYI)
play hi-fi  One Last Moment
play hi-fi  FINAL DISTANCE
play hi-fi  Jpop Ballads Mix (Acapella)
play hi-fi  LONG TIME NO SEE (full version)
Hi, this is Sakurax --which, of course is not my real name.

This page started out as a sort of karaoke withdrawal haven. It became quite embarassingly popular lol, and then I shut it down and started working on slightly more original works. THEN, I decided to merge it. Happy days.

I hope you guys are still listening and will like this new stuff as much as you did the old stuff. =)
Why this name?
Contrary to common belief no it is NOT named after an anime character lol.

I like cherry blossoms, which in japanese is called Sakura. I added the 'x' as a result of a typo which i thought looked pretty coolios --so viola!
Do you play live?
Karaoke FTW!
Special moments, they are all recorded. Every moment is a special moment *wink*
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Who says no to that?! Who?!!
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