Indian in the machine - UFO cloudship Indian-style
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07/14/08 @ 12:48 PM     post a comment
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Sky visitation as recorded by Dieter Braun at Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan Canada July 13 2008.

Keep looking up!
Indian in the machine - Official Announcement Of G  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 12/01/09 @ 05:25 AM
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category: People
It's basically like this....humanity is holding up the show on our planet earth, we have visitors who are awaiting behind the veil to show themselves....our role is to transcend our fear....fear fear fear....can you get it out of your system?
Spirit Drum - Dory Cook with Indian in the machine  (02:11 min)
uploaded on 09/06/09 @ 04:28 PM
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category: Music
Spirit Drum is a song Dory and I love to perform.

'Spirit drum....touching our hearts....making us whole'.

Lyrics and voice - Dory
Everything else - Dieter

Enjoy! Be sure to check out 'Saskatoon Drum Circles' for local drum gatherings.
Indian in the machine - Arenal Volcano UFO Cloudsh  (02:27 min)
uploaded on 02/24/09 @ 11:50 AM
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category: Travel & Places
I spent a few days at La Fortuna, Costa Rica hanging around the volcano...lo and behold, one morning there were cloudships all over the sky. It's subtle, but it's there....check out my other videos for more exciting sky videos. Keep looking up!

The Best Ionic Footbath Explanation (2of12)  (09:58 min)
uploaded on 02/23/09 @ 12:19 PM
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category: Science & Technology
For more videos on the health and spiritual benefits of Ionic Footbaths, visit IONIC FOOT BATH SCHOOL.

To order your own set of ionic footbath plates for $175 + s&h visit www.ionicfootbathpla
Indian in the machine - Guided by Spirits  (03:30 min)
uploaded on 02/23/09 @ 11:56 AM
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category: Music
A sky spirit appeared to me, and I did a video....luckily since I'm big into sky spirits, I already had a song recorded called, 'Guided by Spirits'....more on Sylphs (sky spirits) at
IONIC FOOTBATH SCHOOL - Meditation/Energy (7of14)  (06:10 min)
uploaded on 01/21/09 @ 01:16 PM
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category: Science & Technology
Dieter has a very enlightening discussion with Alex, right after Alex intentionally went into a deep meditation during his first ionic foot bath.
IONIC FOOT BATH SCHOOL - The pH differential (6 of  (08:19 min)
uploaded on 01/21/09 @ 12:56 PM
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category: Science & Technology
Kali from Chicago has a foot bath, and Dieter talks about how ionic footbaths work most effectively...based on the pH differential between the salt water, and the pH of the person who's feet is in the water.

Indian in the machine - 10 Powerful Requests  (04:13 min)
uploaded on 07/27/08 @ 06:15 PM
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category: People
If we want to attract our hearts desires, we must be willing to share with the Universe, what is in our hearts.
Indian in the machine - Manitou Spirit  (03:54 min)
uploaded on 07/15/08 @ 11:43 AM
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category: Music
I song I wrote about the healing salt waters of Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan more about this very special lake at
Indian in the machine - UFO cloudship Indian-style  (02:46 min)
uploaded on 07/14/08 @ 12:48 PM
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category: Science & Technology
Sky visitation as recorded by Dieter Braun at Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan Canada July 13 2008.

Keep looking up!
Indian in the machine - AMAZING human sky sylphs  (03:19 min)
uploaded on 07/08/08 @ 02:21 AM
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category: Tutorials
Some of the sky sylphs were having some fun with us...let's all consciously watch the sky eh? It is an amazing adventure!

Indian in the machine (more) (
The loving Sylphs of Saskatchewan meditation  (09:36 min)
uploaded on 03/08/08 @ 01:31 PM
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category: People
The sky spirits known as sylphs are celebrated in this very unique video in special times.
The Incredible Sylph Slideshow  (02:52 min)
uploaded on 03/06/08 @ 12:37 AM
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category: Travel & Places
There was no real category for 'multidimensional cloudbeings' I put them under 'travel & places'.....Enjoy!
A fleet of UFO cloudships Cranberry Flats  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 06/10/07 @ 06:46 PM
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category: Science & Technology
These cloudships have appeared over Saskatchewan.....can you see them in your sky?
More at
BREAKING NEWS UFO Cloudship Saskatoon May 7 1:05-1  (03:10 min)
uploaded on 05/08/07 @ 03:09 PM
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category: Science & Technology
This UFO cloudship was photographed over Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. As you can see we have company. Don't expect this knowledge to be shared by the evening news. Please feel free to be a messenger of the sky and share this image with your ci
Cloudships over Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada 2  (00:60 min)
uploaded on 04/26/07 @ 03:30 AM
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category: Travel & Places
Believe......we're going to have visitors. smile :)
UFO Cloudships over Saskatoon SK Canada 3  (00:30 min)
uploaded on 04/26/07 @ 03:10 AM
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category: Travel & Places
More UFO cloudships anyone? I bet they have organic food smile :).

Cloudships over Saskatoon SK Canada (video 1)  (00:55 min)
uploaded on 04/26/07 @ 03:00 AM
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category: Travel & Places
UFO cloudships were seen over Saskatoon SK Canada April 25 2007. Soon actual spaceships will land.....finally humans have assistance from our space family. Share the news loved ones....we are at the end of world slavery (globalization)
Sky Thunderbirds: what are they?  (00:58 min)
uploaded on 05/20/07 @ 05:19 PM
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category: Science & Technology
Saskatoon artist Dieter Braun provides a brief explanation on the Thunderbirds (also known as 'Sylphs') and gives some direction on how to bring Thunderbird energy into your life.
More at