Tito Bronsky
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play hi-fi  Make your Soul Sing
play hi-fi  THE RED PILL
play hi-fi  THANK YOU CYPHER
play hi-fi  Darwinism
play hi-fi  Cosmic Groove
play hi-fi  Animal Featuring Enygma
play hi-fi  Transdimensional Flow
play hi-fi  4ever Germ
play hi-fi  Mic Fitness
play hi-fi  DA sh** IM ON FT ENYGMA
Why this name?
Im hispanic..... it just kinda fit, yah nah mean?
Do you play live?
i free style all the time...... battle on the web and all that...... live? listen, im not Ashely Simpson aight, i rip it down live!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it makes more beats available to me...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hells.... you wanna sign me????
Band History:
its too long of story....... but in short, i grew up in the lab with my dad..... and here i am today
Your influences?
Eminem, Canibus, Red-man, Obie Trice, Big Pun (rip), Big L and Jay-Z...... them cats all got rediculous flow..... some of the illest when it comes to that, and flow is what i try to bring to the table.
Favorite spot?
where im at right now.... The Rotten Apple.....
Equipment used:
Samson CO1Usb
Samson boom stand
Popper Stopper
bootleg headphones
Cool Edit
Anything else...?
yea......... PAY ME.......
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