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Timothy S Epperhart
Oct 25, 2016
Timothy S Epperhart
Ballad of a Vampire (1/4)
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Maybe Mine (My Valentine) By Timothy S. Epperhart
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Lost and Found (This faded town)
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Timothy S. Epperhart

There are a lot of things that I'm interested in beyond being a musician, a poet or even a crazy person. Sometimes I might spout rhetoric just to see if you'll feed into it. I do that to my folks in real life too. To be honest I would like to post every song I've written with pictures and complete lyrics as I have worked on songwriting these past 10 + years. That work be a definite plus for my fans who have followed my music career. With life and music comes change. I keep an open mind to the world around me usually. I'm by no means so stuck on myself I can't or won't listen to other styles of music. My favorite format and style is probably "Acoustic Rock" - independently driven of course. Independent makes it possible to bloom into something much more than just a has-been on FM radio.

I know it might seem a little overwhelming for most folks who get online to search for a song they may like to find a 29 year old man with almost 250 songs available for download. Some people may even be discouraged when they see my list of songs to even listen to one. Then again, some people have told me "Yeah you hear one you hear them all" - and I can completely understand this as I am always going to be me regardless. Anyways so yeah - I've been recording and writing songs for a long time now. That's not to say I actually draw a crowd or whatever when I play out. I really don't. In fact, I hardly ever let the public know that I play out when I do. I've always been this way. I see myself as a recording artist before a performer, performance wise I get all f***ed up when I go out in public, I get to drinking. I forget the words to my own songs, because I have so many. It used to be like I could go out and feel good about playing my 5 favorite songs. Now it's like I get on stage and I'm thinking about what I'm going to play and end up just jamming some sh*** on drop d.

There used to be places that I'd love to play who used to actually pay me 100.00 a night to get onstage for a couple hours and just go nuts. I f***ing loved playing that bar because they never bullshitted me on my money at the end of the night. The regulars liked me because I used to go in every other day to get drunk, play some pool and hang out, but of course this was back when I was single. Don't get me wrong, I love my fiancee and we usually have a wonderful time, but I never get to get out and play my songs. Even if I did - I'm usually stuck on what I want to play over what I need to I guess.
Why this name?
In the early 2000's I wrote "The Invisible Man" for and released it to CDbaby- as an idea for the acronym for my name. Before I did so, I posted a few pre-recordings to garageband.com under the alias The Invisible Man. When I was recording my self-titled album I wanted to also give my "fan base" an understanding of why I chose "The Invisible Man"- maybe it's because you cannot see what isn't in your sight. People only hear what's on the radio. I feel like that was the perfect personification of that same concept.

For me, having lived the life of an "Underground travelling musician" most of my natural life, back in 2000-2004 I've always dreamed of what it would be to live my life on the edge and travel different places and actually be seen as opposed to not. Perhaps - it's not being seen it's being heard and understood, & most folks will hear you but won't really listen. I believe that's why The Invisible Man actually went crazy in all the original 1940's movie, the movie the old lady downstairs from the pub just wouldn't leave him alone and when it came for them to keep on keeping on he blew the f*** up at them. I always found it sad that in the end of that movie the cops and towns people surrounded him (The Invisible Man) when it was them who created the monster.

That's why I identify with Outlaws of old westerns, the ones who stole from the rich and gave back to the poor. I've always believe I was born of this, which is why I am the Son of the Outlaws that birthed this idea into existence. In the mid 2005-2006 era I was living in mid-Missouri doing shows with Bartholomew Bean, Shannon Morris, Cory Scott and many more very talented musicians. Around this time I was in my early twenties. I played out at least on once a week. In 2006 I moved back to Florida and went through a divorce. I was in a horrible condition, on anti-psychotics, Geodon etc.

I finally found myself later that year and wrote songs here and there. Later in 2006 I moved to New York to further pursue my career in songwriting. I moved back to Jacksonville, FL - then back to Mid-Missouri to reconnect and back to Jacksonville, FL again. I wrote a lot in this time, especially in 2007. In 2008 and 2009 I dropped my guitar to D a lot and wrote more pissed off music over all the sad E standard stuff I had been playing years before. I hated the Jacksonville music scene and still do. It's saturated with greedy coke-head club owners who only give a f*** if you're either a) a trendy rock band or b) signed and bring in masses.

For the past two years or so I've been writing a lot of songs - traveling or what not. The one thing about being a solo-artist/songwriter is you have got to be open to everything around you, at least in my opinion anyway. A lot of the songs I write have some kind of story to tell, or some underlying meaning under the words, other times it's rhetoric. Looking back through the years I've devoted my whole life to writing. When I broke my wrist back in '02 it nearly killed me to think I might not be able to play the guitar
Do you play live?
Jacksonville, Florida (Arlington)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Show me the money!!
Band History:

Band History:

Your influences?
My life itself is my foremost musical influence. Other than that i'd probably say Chris Collard, Bartholomew Bean and Shannon Morris (of COMO), Jimmy Jimbo and Elliot Craven - Amp on Tweak, We can lick any SOB in the house, Willie Nelson, The album "Rowdy", Higher Ground, Overtime bar and grill, Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra. In my early years I owned everything Brian May did on guitar, which was a pretty extensive collection. I showed it to my class forshow and tell and my teacher asked me what I wanted to be and I said "like this guy". I would later find influences in early sixties music such as Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly and The Doors. I became fascinated with the album "Acid Eaters" by The Ramones and later on discovered the grunge era of the 1990's. It was 1989 when my guitar was passed down to me, decades of generations past.
Favorite spot?
Arlington (Savannahs)
Westside (Overtime)
Monroe, NY (Shots to TC)
Columbia, MO (The Thirsty Turtle)
Hanau, Germany (Ptakamus)
Dayton, Ohio (Ol' Omar)
St Augustine, FL (Lighthouse Bay)
Jacksonville, FL (Sin City)
Equipment used:
I play guitar and write songs.
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