MORE LIFE /// B U Y 1 G E T 2 F R E E *NEW*
New School
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Jason Sturges
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play hi-fi  Snaggage
play hi-fi  On a Sunday Afternoon (Live)
play hi-fi  Neither Here Nor There / Doodad (Live)
play hi-fi  Mr. Jenkins / Jekyll and Hyde (Live)
play hi-fi  Carousel (Live)
play hi-fi  Bills
play hi-fi  Cams
play hi-fi  Alley Cat
play hi-fi  Carousel
play hi-fi  Cloud Burst
The Chapman Stick works of Jason Sturges.
Do you play live?
Various concerts in the Midwest.
Band History:
Often a few beats off the path, my compositions are an amalgamation of all I find desireable in music. Taking standard theory that might be applied to any classic, infusing jazz, and wrapping the result around funk rhythms, I end up with a flux of fusion as my moniker.

I believe in a depth that is not an invitation of complexity, but rather a metaphysical interpretation achievable to any listener. Through a spread of tones and rhythms, a melody is kindled. As you listen, you will find what you expect even if you're surprised by what you find.