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Propeller was founded in 1999, by guitarplayer Willem Niehorster.

Band History:
Propeller was founded in 1999, by guitarplayer Willem Niehorster.

Propeller played at several festivals:

BAF-squat The Hague November 25th 2000

Tomaatpop Leidschendam October 26th 2001

Langweiligkeit Festival The Hague November 17th 2001

TU Delft Festival May 21st 2002

Amnesty Festival The Hague September 7th 2002

Summer Of Love Peace Festival The Hague May 3rd 2003 (Iraq war protest)

Amnesty Festival The Hague June 6th 2004

Summer Of Love Fair Trade Festival The Hague June 19th 2004

Hertz Dongen September 18th 2004

Propeller also supported the first big protest against the Dutch Balkenende administration, by
playing at the Dam Square in Amsterdam: video

View a summary of all gigs by Propeller and its ancestors Iguana and Maya

Due to personal circumstances concerning several bandmembers, the continuity of Propeller became
a major problem in 2005, and in 2006 the remaining bandmembers decided to split up.

In the autumn of 2007 drummer Michiel Coolen, singer Johnito and guitarist
Willem Niehorster reunited for a short farewell tour throughout winter and spring 2008.

They were joined by bass player Niels Zeven.

The aim was to play existing Propeller songs in the best possible versions, and both band and
audiences seemed to agree that this was the case.

After the farewell tour, everyone basically went their own way. Michiel joined The Pocketbunnies, Niels and Willem formed Dream Flight to Antarctica, and Johnito started to record some of his own songs, while experimenting with linux and open source audio software.
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