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The Ovoids
Now That We Have Hands (official music video)
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Official music video for 'Now That We Have Hands' by Brent Santin (& The Ovoids) from the album 'Fate of the Country'. Recorded with miniature electronic instruments.
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Hailing from a Sub-actuality Bubble (a micro-universe beneath reality), Brent Santin's good friends and backing band, the OVOIDS, are a group of hyper-tonal monks whose style of music is difficult to pin down: Voodoo Celtic, Electro-Dweeb-Bop, beat poetry, cheezy Lounge music attitude with elevator-music type backup vocals. The tunes span the gamut of musical styles: Reggae, 1980s New-Wave sounds, spoken word, Celtic, shopping mall MUZAK. Just imagine a milkshake made from dweebly electronic computer blips and ancient Celtic instruments (like the tin-whistle, Irish flute, bodhran, mandolin). Just imagine Druids meet Cylons, Mennonites meet Devo, and you will get a hint of what The Ovoids are like. You'll probably hate it. We don't understand why we do it, but we can't stop...an addiction to cheeziness, perhaps - just as you *have* to lick that flourescent orange powder from your fingers after you polish off a bag of Cheetos, we have to keep playing this stuff. It's bad and you know it is, but it's SOOOO good.

The Ovoids present an often whimsical, sometimes naive mixture of synthpop, chiptune and acoustic music composed on 19th century folk instruments, 1980s synths, primitive sequencers, vintage computers & early electronic toys. If you like organic bleepy music that's not afraid to embrace its geeky side, then this might be for you.

Ral-Clan (lead vocals): Hi, I don't know what we are doing here.

Luftonic (drums): We're supposed to talk about the band.

Ral-Clan: ...er...okay. I don't know why anyone would want to listen to this music....I dig it, but who else would?

Ronkor (synths): ...Well not many, but maybe someone.

Ral-Clan: Yeah, it's just pretty dweeby. I mean, I like that, but who else is there that might be stunned enough to listen to this drivel?

Frentzkor: (bass) ...now your making me depressed, Ral-Clan.

Hudson (winds): Heck! This Music Rocks the dweeb realm!
Why this name?
Appointed by the High Tonal Council.
Do you play live?
Ral-Clan (lead vocals): Of course, there is a lot of equipment to lug around, plus all the energy crystals to power it...but seriously, er...the last time we played live was at the wedding of Baron Dreeek's daughter in the Temple of 50Hz. That show rocked with all sorts of cheezy buzz tones....and we got FREE melon to boot! Yeah but seriously....WHO is actually going to like this music besides us??!! NO ONE I tell you! But is that going to stop us? NO!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Frentzkor (bass): Well, it allows us to contact the Reality plane where most humans thrive. Before that we had to breach the barrier between the sub-reality bubble and their universe manually. Took lots of power crystals. The internet and a 56Kbaud modem is a little slower but quite a bit more convenient.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Ronkor (synths): Yes, if it is greenish and tastes like mint. Seriously though....if a record label wanted to sign us....a RECORD label....and the OVOIDS.....a record label that wanted to SIGN US.....bwwwHAHAHAHHAHAH (milk streams out of nose)!!!
Band History:
Definitely a lot to come here.
Your influences?
Luftonic (drums): Oh, you know, there are lots of influences. Definitely the Harmonic Cardinals. Reality plane bands would be Devo, The Mike Flowers Pops, The Beautiful South, The Cure, Scratch Lee Perry, all sorts of Reggae bands, Traditional Celtic groups like Altan, Solas, Flook, Shooglenifty, Martyn Bennet. Blippy computer music and Stephen Hawking's voice synthesizer are also very cool. Oh....and we love lounge music....Andy Williams, Claudine Longet, Henry Mancini....oh, the RAY CONNIFF singers are awesome. Basically we love cheese and we love blippy electronic dweeb stuff and we love big religious Reggae bass riffs and spiritual Celtic instrumental twirls. Now we just have to figure out how to merge it all.
Favorite spot?
Hudson (winds): The Manor inside the Sub-Reality bubble where we live. Sure it's a little run down...I mean, it's centuries old, and no-one knows who built it, and it's infested with lunar slugs....but it's still home.
Equipment used:
Irish wooden flute, bodhran, mandolin, Roland Juno 106 Analogue Synth, Yamaha DX-100, Amiga computers, CASIO toy keyboards & electronic games, melodoca, reed organs, and any instruments we find in the garbage!
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