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Timberline isn't actually a band at this time as Timberline consists of just one person, me. I am a guitarist and songwriter who loves Jesus. My songs deal with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and my personal relationship with all of them. I play all styles semi-proficiently, which means I am not a prodigy or super expert, but a good player with good rythym who loves to play.
The songs that have come from all of this are sometimes light-hearted romps through music and at other times, are deep and very meaningful with Biblical truths...the kind of songs you want to definitely hear and understand the words.
Enjoy the music and words, but keep in mind that my music at this time is done in my own home studio and ,except where noted, all parts are performed by me and mixed in with my little Tascam Porta 02 mini-studio and associated gear.
I have a lot of songs that will be appearing on this website as time goes by and time is available to sit down and at least do a rough take with simple guitar and vocal so you can see how they sound. My goal is to mix them all with bass, canned rythym from my electronic keyboard and all the guitar and vocals, but that is a project that takes time.
Why this name?
I attend a church called Timberline Christian Assembly. I lead the praise and worship time with my guitar and a microphone for vocals. I also live in northern Idaho surrounded by lots of pines. Logging is still the major industry in this area.
Do you play live?
Yes, at Timberline Christian Assembly in Santa, ID (YES, there is a town called Santa). I love doing this. The congregation of the church gets to hear songs I have written way before anyone else as I sing them as specials during church service sometimes. (For more info on the church, visit my personal page section dedicated to TCA at )
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I believe it opens the music industry more for people like myself, some who want to try to break into the music industry, others who just want a little recognition for what they do and those like me who simply want to bless others with music that God has given them.
Sites like this one give people like me a place to store our tunes online and direct others to so they can hear and either purchase or simply be blessed.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I believe if one was offered, I would. I am not in it for the money, but spreading the message of my music is formost. It would be another way to do that.
Band History:
I got back into guitar in 1997 after an 18 yr hiatus away from learning. Way back when, I was a beginner who was slowly progressing. In 1997, I wanted to pick a guitar up again so that I could jam with both my sons. My oldest had taken up drums and my youngest was an intuitive bass player (he can't read notes on the page, but can play wonderfully along with a tune after hearing the basics of the song. Awesome!)
Well, they were into punk at the time and I think we actually jammed at my drummer son's house once or twice, but as I progressed, I was invited to become part of a local Boise, ID music ministry team being formed called Minstrels For Christ. MFC ministered in praise and worship on an on-call basis when churches wanted a fill-in worship team for a Sunday and we also helped in the Boise Annual March for Jesus music times as well as a couple of Christian outreaches in the bandshell in the park.
In 2000, I moved 400 miles north to St. Maries. My parents live here since 1987 and I wanted to spend more time with them. Both grandmothers had passed away in 2000 with 3 months of each makes you think, so I came up to be with my folks. I played electric in the worship team for a while in a local St. Maries church then, after doing the worship services for a week of tent meetings sponsored by Timberline Christian Assembly in Santa, ID, was invited to do their worship time. The pastors wife was doing it and was trying to learn keyboard at the same time. She was pulling her hair out as it was a struggle, so I agreed and have been doing the worship leading at T.C.A. since July of 2001.
Meanwhile (since 1997), while all of this was going on, God had been giving me songs from His Word (the Bible). Some where developing ideas that have not come to fruition yet and others happened in less than an hour when they flow. He has given me a creative spirit that loves to sing and play.
Pre-1997, I would have never thought about getting up in front of a crowd and playing, yet alone singing solo. That has all changed by His bringing me gradually to where I am now where I LOVE to bless others with the gifts He has givein me. I have also progressed musically and vocally in that time.
Another facet of my progress has been Yahoo chat rooms. I am divorced and explored some of them a bit in the singles vein and found one that I became a regular frequenter of. I shared a praise song with them once (with microphone, guitar and vocally) and they loved it. That got me coming back and now I have a lot of friends in various chat rooms. It got me practice in singing into a mic even better but without the "in front of a crowd" aspect that used to cause me to get red-faced. It has been a real blessing.
Another chat room I should mention is the Songwriters & Musicians Room. It was run by Angelbaby_46978. She is a very nice lady who runs a nice room. Unfortunately, with all the booters and troublemakers out there, she went to a private format for the chat room. If you want more information, email her at . Also, she started a website featuring people who have been to the room. That address is:
Your influences?
Cat Stevens, Bread, Grand Funk Railroad, Don Francicso and lots of praise and worship compilations. This is just a small list. I have been listening to music for a loooonnngggg time. The list would be too long to type so just go listen to my music to see my style, which I feel is unique in a lot of ways. Thanks!
Favorite spot?
St. Maries, Idaho. Why? Well, it's a small town (2500 pop.) surrounded by pine covered hills with the shadowy St. Joe River and St. Maries River meeting in town. I live 10 miles south and hunt deer less than 2 miles from my place (deer come up to the property a lot, but I like to get away from civilization a LITTLE ways, heh heh heh). There are wonderful people in the town who are friendly and, for the most part, outgoing and welcoming of new people.
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