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NEWS   Hello Fellow Artists / Fans and Friends ..... It is always Great to see you and I do appreciate your listening to My Music. As always Comments or Messages are very much appreciated ..... I Hope You and Your Families have a Wonderful Holiday Season ..... :-) Yes it that time of Year Again :-) Enjoy The Tunes :-) Music About " LIFE - LOVE - EMOTIONS " ...... All The Best and Thank You ... Jim - aka - eX1

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play hi-fi  Friday NO RULES_01_01
play hi-fi  ZENO's JOURNEY
play hi-fi  Tribute to Mike Oldfield
play hi-fi  BILLY BOB
play hi-fi  U R The Only One I Love
play hi-fi  Fall of the Red Wing Blackbird
play hi-fi  NOWHERE to RUN
play hi-fi  ORANGEBLUE
play hi-fi  BLACK PEARL
play hi-fi  SWEET DRIFT
Welcome to my world of musical expressions....I am a Home Studio Musician enjoying the creation of
music and digital art. MUSIC is my escape to another place that is enjoyable to me... and I try to create songs that hopefully will touch someone out there. What is life without Art & Music ? I hope you enjoy my efforts to create something for your ears to listen to. Thanks Again For Visiting My Site here at SOUNDCLICK...... All The Best !

eX1 / Jim Mattson
Why this name?
I Love Art & Music and find that I am constantly searching for new idea's in both worlds...so I
guess you could say I am experimenting with these mediums...just another experimental one. :-)
Do you play live?
No I only record in my studio at this time....but have collaborated with other musicians and always looking for a great Singer..... Contact Me if interested.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is a wonderful way to express idea's for the world to listen to. A dream come true for thousands of talented artists around the world.
Thanks ....SOUNDCLICK !
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would love to sell my idea's for use in the Music industry.... and always open to the Movie or Television Industry as well... I currently have produced my first DVD with Music / Art and Animation and plan on creating many more for hopefully entertainment for you.
Contact Me if your interested.......

Thanks again for visiting my site. And please come back again for more MUSIC and ORIGINAL ART.

Band History:
I originally started out to just have fun with Music and joined MP3.com in 2001. Well it went a bit further than I ever hoped for when I woke up one morning and saw my song ORANGEBLUE in the no. 1 slot in the World Fusion Charts....Yes...this was a great feeling
and I hope to do it again....Thanks to my fans and all who took the time to listen to my works.

UPDATE: Since 2001 ORANGEBLUE has seen Number one on 4 different Web Sites and has had the most plays and downloads of any of my songs.
Romeo and Juliet holds second place....with NOIDEA
coming in a strong third place. Thanks for listening!
Your influences?
I am influenced by Pink Floyd, Vangeles, Tangerine Dream and all types of Electronica, New Age, Rock, Classical & Smooth Jazz....
Favorite spot?
Laguna Beach, Ca.
Equipment used:
Roland XP60 / Korg Karma / Karma MW Software and
PEAK 5 running on my MAC G4 for Recording.
Anything else...?
We all have dreams..... and what I have learned is if it can be thought of it can be created with hard work and determination. Strive to do your very best and remember to ALWAYS do what you Love to do and your life will be a whole lot better........
Good Luck and Rock On.....eX1
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