Michael Duran
Co Kayn
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play lo-fi play hi-fi  Willie Coleman's Jig (FendrGuitPlayr)
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Born in Southern California in late 1951,
I grew up with music all around me.
From the Classical standards to '40's & '50's Jazz,
From "American Bandstand" to "Wolfman Jack",
Buddy Holly to Jimi Hendrix, They all left their mark.
I've played in bands since my early teens, and all of those musicians I have performed with have left their marks as well.
I thank them all.
The songs I offer here are the result of that long journey.
They include, live band recordings, local collaborations, internet collaborations, and home solo projects.

Thank You for listening,
Michael Duran.

Projects with my Soundclick friends that I have had the honor to work with;

GinNger SparklezZz
Joe Hill
Bob Forbes
Seth Smivet aka Steve Smith
Bobby Mack
Morten Gjermundsen
Brett Service
Gabe Stenziano
Extra Crispy
Michael Laycock
Andreas Oberhofer
Keyshardy aka Nigel Hardy
Ken Sacco
Lasse Jonsson
Paul Barnes
Rodrica Rudge
Margot Du Boise
Kevin Rosenberger
Sy Peacock
Andre Henriquez
Carlo D'Anna
Andrew Arrington
Mike Marshall - VMP
littlegreenman aka Bruce Ogilvie
Finn Frost
Paul Oakley
Hans-Peter aka Effekto
Kurt Lewis Neufer
Ray Garcia
Danna Moore
Jeffrey Michael Miller
Jill Struck-Hensel
Grant Starr
Marius Amado-Alves
Carlos Carranza

Solo projects & Covers done at my home.

"The Shop"
Heartbreak Highway
3 piece collab/studio recordings
Steve Layman; Piano & Synth
Steve Torok; Drums
Michael Duran; Guitar, Synth, and Bass

"The Knapps Cutoff Band"
As Is
Studio "open mic" and live recordings
Marty Nicklin; Bass
Steve Layman; Piano & Synth
Steve Torok; Drums
Michael Duran; Guitar & Synth
Thanks to Nathan Bankston, Ray Garcia, and Chris Kenard for their fine vocals.

salvaged tape recordings from my 80s club band.
Dan Buck; Drums & Vocals
Michael Duran; Guitar synth & Vocals
Ron Olson; Bass & Vocals
Bill Kramer; Lead Guitar
Your influences?
Rock .. the basis of everything I do.
Classical .. because it touches the soul with epic grandness
Jazz .. when the spirit calls.
World & New Age .. to touch new horizons.
Blues .. to clense the soul.
Progressive & Fusion ... to keep it interesting.
Favorite spot?
Yosemite, California.
and Kehei, Maui.
Equipment used:
'68 Strat hybrid guitar with synth driver
Martin 00CXAE acoustic guitar
Carvin SH65B steel string synth guitar,
Carvin NS-1 nylon string synth guitar,
Carvin AC-275 acoustic/electric guitar,
Carvin DC127-M electric guitar,
Carvin LB20 electric bass.
Roland GR-33 & GR-55 - guitar synthesizer modules.
AdrenaLinn III - guitar processor
Roland ME-50 - guitar multi-effects
MIDI Controller - Acorn Masterkey61
Computer - Alienware Aurora R4 / Win7 64bit
USB Interface - PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL
Samplitude 15 Music Studio - DAW
Magix Music Maker MX - DAW & VSTI's
Studio One 2 - DAW & VSTI's
Independence Instruments - Stand Alone VSTI's
Native Instruments / Kontakt - Stand Alone VSTI's
Anything else...?
Here's to all the great musicians who are no longer with us.
As long as there is music, we will never be without them.