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The Jersey born emcee ( Konseetid), now at age 24 believes he is a force to be reckoned with across the globe. Has a very confident/ arrogant style, hence the name Konseetid. Konseetid has been writing music since the age of 8, but has been doin hip hop since tha age of 15. His influence is music in general. Always has loved music always will. Konseetid isn't ya typical ganster/diamond/cash / wack azz emcee. Konseetid speaks tha truth and flips many concepts, but can also show you why his name is Konseetid. Konseetid performs from New York down to South Jersey. Twice a month he performs locally in his area. Other times he performs in Manhattan, Philly, North Jersey, and other parts of South Jersey. As of right now Konseetid is workin on the "Simply Amazinn" LP.... Release date to be announced...
Why this name?
My style developed from bein cocky and confident every time i touch a microphone or just spit.. hence the name Konseetid
Do you play live?
yeah i perform live... everywhere
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
helps promote ya self outside ya home state.. also if you don't have a cd with you and someone has tha net they can listen to you.. helps build a wide fanbase
Band History:
Rappin for 7 years... i also produce beats.. i peform live all over Jersey.. some in philly.. and i've done one in n.y i do my shyt.. try to stay in tha studio as much as possible... i basically love makin music
Your influences?
Biggie, Nas, Pun, and Pharoach Monche.
Favorite spot?
New York.
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