God's Plan
New School
*NEW* NITE TIME (YNB Nahmir x 6ix9ine type)
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play hi-fi  Waste-Ending style
play hi-fi  Waste
play hi-fi  Get Ready - Virtual On Temjin
play hi-fi  Why Must We Fight? (Megaman 8 Bass Theme)
play hi-fi  Bowser, b*** es!
play hi-fi  Overblown
play hi-fi  Kirby Superstar- See You at Da Finish
play hi-fi  Sonic 3: The End for You
play hi-fi  Where the South At Instrumental
play hi-fi  EXP (instrumental)
I'm CWebb, The South Side Spida, The Arachnid Kid, Webbanation X, The Webbaman from South Cacky Lack, chyeah. I'm just some guy from around the way who likes to change his voice in songs to make it sound like other peeps... Greatness
Why this name?
It's my nickname given to me by a friend, and it fits because my first name (classifed) starts with a C and my last name is Webber. A little snip at the end and you got CWebb. Ain't battlin with Chris, though... don't really care who had the name first
Do you play live?
Naw, no live shiz
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A bunch of people say MP3's kill record sales, but actually if you think about it, they really help. You hear a song on the radio you really like an manage to find an MP3 on it, you'll have a sample of that person's CD for when it comes out and you finally buy it. MP3 sent the music industry for a wild trip, and I'm riding shotgun
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Still? Ehehe, if someone was crazy enough to sign me in the first place then yeah, they deserve me fuggin up their label
Band History:
Ain't no history. I promised myself I'd record some of the songs I wrote... I didn't lie
Your influences?
Well some hip hop/rap artists today influence me. It made me remember that you don't have to be a gangsta to be hard, and you don't have to be a happy gangsta to be funny. You don't have to have a bad childhood when you were almost put out on the street or none of that. You can just pick up and go
Favorite spot?
My favorite city? Call me crazy but it's probably Fussa-Shi, Japan. If I could go back and unleash a few beats, I'd do it in a heart beat, but for now, Richmond VA is where it's at
Equipment used:
Music Maker, FL Studio and a Realtek mic... thats it
Anything else...?
I'm just me! I'm just Webba! Please like me! [/Jay London]. Tell the world to look out for CWebb and the crew. W2, Kaoz, we comin through!

And oh yeah... bet you pretty fooled about that pic, huh? Don't be... I'm not Korean =P. That's just my silly ass trying to be funny
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