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David Miller Musicroom
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play hi-fi  Something
play hi-fi  Good Ole Days
play hi-fi  Psalm23_Amazing Grace
play hi-fi  I was... Remix
play hi-fi  Stay with me 2014 remix
play hi-fi  Kentucky Rhymes Remix
play hi-fi  Early Morning Rhyme
play hi-fi  I Don't Know
play hi-fi  Finding Home
play hi-fi  You and I - Unplugged
I use this site for sharing songs as a song writer and someone who enjoys playing guitar. Singing is not a highlighted strength of mine, but when I want to record something I've written, I'm the cheapest singer I can find. :)

Why this name?
I think the name Musicroom symbolizes a perfect man cave.
Do you play live?
I played live for many years. Mainly doing a mix of Rock and Southern Rock. I've since found the recording room to be more to my liking.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
There were always avenues for getting one's music heard. It doesn't matter a whole lot what format you use whether it is streaming mp3's or wave files on a cd. The music has to be good regardless.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Under most circumstances I would say yes although I have said no once.
Band History:
Playing and writing since a young one...
Your influences?
I enjoy a lot of types of music - Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical and Blues
Favorite spot?
Home is always a nice place to be.
Equipment used:
I worked from Sonar X3 and use a few select preamps and microphones along with a few guitars, bass and keyboards.
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