No Tears (Wiz Khalifa x Drake Type Beat)
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Visions of Dune
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Rendering of scenes inspired by Frank Herbert's Arrakis (dune) set to a soundtrack that was a result of a collaboration with Tarekith (www.tarekith.com)
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Ambientronic is the latest project by long time composer and electronic musician drK. Ambientronic focuses on creating emotive sound textures and aural voyages with a tasteful combination of conventional and unconventional musical sounds. Ambientronic is the culmination of over thirty years of work in the field of experimental electronic music.

Why this name?
It was first suggest by a fan of a previous band project and seems to accurately reflect the thrust of the music.

Do you play live?
No. Ambientronic is strictly a studio endeavor.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has already liberated many artists to present the music for wider consumption. It has also opened doors for artistic collaboration anywhere in the world. Over time it will continue to democratize music making so that anyone with talent, inspiration, and drive can get their artistic voice heard.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would be willing to discuss.

Band History:
Ambientronic was launched in 2004 by artist drK after an eighteen month artistic sabbatical. The Ambientronic projects focuses on creating accessible ambient music and soundscapes.

drK is the artist pseudonym of D. R. Kraul, noted music technologist, writer, and musician. Mr. Kraul began his adventures with sound sculpting while still a teenager over forty years ago using self designed and crafted modular synthesizers. His career has included developing a number of pioneering electronic music devices, two published books, and numerous articles published by top electronic music publications. drK is primarily a solo act but he does collaborate from time to time with like-minded electronic artists who leverage the Internet's ability to compress time and distance, and to form lasting friendships, even in the absence of physical encounters.

Your influences?
Many jazz greats such as Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, and John Coltrane; Pioneering rock/electronic bands such as Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream; Electronic music trail-blazers like Wendy Carlos, Mort Subotnic, and Brian Eno. I have also been influenced by the musical instrument designs of Don Buchla, Robert Moog, and Dave Rossum.
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