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Goodnight Gracie
NEWS   Although they’ve been around for nearly a decade US melodic rockers Goodnight Gracie have only recently released their debut “Drive” through Metal Mayhem. Quite a number of people (including myself and some of our regular site visitors) were impressed with the collection of songs the band presented on their first visiting card.
To find out a bit more about these guys, Rock Report sent front man/founding member Jimm Insolia a couple of questions by e-mail and as you are soon to find out yourself mister Insolia was more than willing to answer them.
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play hi-fi  Say goodnight gracie
Welcome to the world of Jimm Insolia &
Goodnight Gracie! Jimm is a performing song writer who along with a stable of midwestern musicians, write and record original heavy hook rock. Goodnight Gracie's debut album "Drive" is available at You can also hear song samples at the following link.

Jimm is currently hard at work writing the follow up to "Drive", which he describes as very "Heavy and groovy material."
You can join Goodnight Gracie's yahoo group at the following link:
We encourage you to post some thoughts about us and this group at "The Rock report" and/or "L.A.Nights"
just go to the forums section and look for or start a new Goodnight Gracie subject:)
Also, check out this very kewl Gracie fan site:)
Hope you enjoy the tunes!
Jimm Insolia/Goodnight Gracie
Why this name?
The band was originally called Grey C. Allen, and we performed under that name until the release of the “Drive” album. When Metal Mayhem signed the band, they wanted to change it to Goodnight Gracie for fear people would think the band was a solo female artist. I assured them that I was hairy enough to squash any perceptions of that but they wanted to change it nonetheless. They liked the song “Say goodnight Gracie” so much, they wanted us to use the name. I liked it and voila!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
A huge emphatic YES!!!!!!!!
Band History:
I formed Goodnight Gracie about ten years ago and the band has had several different incarnations. I have been the only constant since it’s conception. Along the way I have had the honour to record, perform and irritate some of the best musicians in the Midwest. Even now, members are welcome and encouraged to work with other musicians and still be a part of the Goodnight Gracie community. Karl and Gary were a part of the “Drive” project because it is a groove oriented album and I feel that groove when those two play. They also contributed mightily in the song writing aspect, so it all came together great!
I began performing in bands at age fourteen. Karl played in his father’s travelling country band when he was a youngster and no one really knows what the heck Gary did before he hooked up with us. He kind of appeared one day and we were like “Kewl.” It was funny how me and Karl hooked up. I was playing with this guitar player named Chris, who was older than me (well, he was seventeen and when you are that age, there is a big difference between fourteen and seventeen) and a drummer who was not very good. Well, Chris tells me that there is this awesome drummer that he knows and that I should check him out. So Chris and I go out to this farm-house and as we were walking up, I hear drums blastin’ out of the basement. And it sounded awesome. We walked down and there is Karl jamming to a band called “Off Broadway”, who had a hit with “Stay In Time”, and I was blown away. Of course, he took one look at this skinny, cocky lil fourteen year old and had to restrain himself from bustin out laughing. He gave Chris a look as if to say, “Who the hell is this?” But I bravely plugged in my guitar and we jammed. And it was very kewl. Me and Karl started our very first band together, later went off and played with others, and later rejoined to write and record the “Drive” album.
Your influences?
Awwwwwww jeez, this is almost impossible for me to answer because although it has elements of different influences, it really just sounds like Goodnight Gracie. The “Drive” album is more heavy power pop I suppose and could be described as heavy Cheap Trick’ish kind of stuff. I am a huge fan of Queen’s music. They never really fit any one genre and future music I release will have different elements in it. I hope to be able to play a song like “Annalise” one minute and play a super heavy song the next. I want my love for all types of music to be reflected in my music. I have been listening to a lot of heavy stuff like Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Korn so don’t be surprised if there is a lil anger in future tunes. But I am too damn short to be that angry all of the time, I would wind up hurting myself!
Anything else...?
I first want to say thank you so much to all of the fans that are supporting the “Drive” album. Without the fans, we are just a good basement band. I was confidant when releasing this album but the overwhelming response has been almost startling. It seems the album has taken on a life of it’s own. Goodnight Gracie is everywhere on the web it seems and this is due to the great fans spreading the word. I also feel fortunate that 99% of the reviews have been very favourable and thank all the sites that have taken the time to listen and give their opinions. I would like to mention that I have started a Goodnight Gracie group and encourage everyone to come and hop on the Gracie train. The group was created for and is driven by the fans of Gracie and it is a great spot to meet new friends, express your opinion, talk music, and find out all the latest news on Goodnight Gracie. We also have pics and unreleased songs available only to members. It is free to join and accessible to anyone! The link to join is as follows.