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First off, Mic Keaton IS Mic Grippa. I'm a solo artist from So Sick Records commin out of South Carolina.. im one guy. i make my own beats, record and write my own lyrics, and master all my own tracks. I've been rappin for about 8 years now, but i have just recently started recording. Im trying this out to see what kind of response I get. If you dont like my stuff, then feel free to give your opinion. If you use one of my songs, or collab on one of them, i wanna hear what u did. oh yea, " just cuz im pretty and skinny don't mean im soft boy" (3d of tha saw boys)
Why this name?
MIC Grippa cuz thats what i do.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
its a huge pluse. like everyone else says, it offers the chance to be heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
what kind of question is that? YES if they come correct with tha check.
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
Tha Booth
Equipment used:
cakewalk, fruity loops, cool edit pro, MD, yamaha mixer, behringer b1 and a shure mic.
Anything else...?
yea, like i said. if u use anything of mine, then let me hear it when ur done.

plus, i wanna give a shout out to them Saw Boys. they real, and show nothin but love. these cats keep my trunk bumpin with nothin but that Arkansas funk.
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