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Hey. I'm a Female hip hop artist from NZ, doin' mah thang over in Sydney, Australia with my crew the Urban Prophetz. Producin'/performin'/recordin', you name it. Lovin' it all! Alwayz interested in hearin' otha Female MC'z in the area too, so hollah hollah. Pleez let me know if yah like my stuff or not too, (contructive) suggestionz welcome. - PhReAze

P.S. Debut Solo Album (Independent Release) "Supportin' Tha Habit", WWW.URBANPROPHETZ.COM - Hip Hop Resources, Workshopz, Forumz
Why this name?
Bestowed upon me from the great (Horror-core) MC, Likwid "Eyece".
Do you play live?
Hell yeah! Play with my Crew the Urban Prophetz, wherever anyone will have us!We do festivalz and community events as well, so just check for LIVE dates. Favourite gig would hav tah be Supporting Che Fu, Savage & Rene Geyer at Olympic Park. Oh wait, doing "Fat Pizza Live" waz funny az too.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think itz both good and bad. Good in the way that it getz da musik out there, bad in the way that they don't pay for it most of tha time so tha artists lose out on salez. But I'd rather it be out there.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Dayum Skippy! Nothing wrong with being able to make a living by doin' what you love full-time yo.
Band History:
Started off writing poems when I was bout 11 or sumthn. Went to Atlanta, Georgia wen I waz 18 and waz inspired tah start puttn dem poemz to a beat. Kept playin round not thinkin I waz any good until I waz bout 21. Ended up on a Hip Hop course mentored by Maya Jupiter & MC Trey and formed a crew with da class "Verbal Essence". Now I'm with my 3 Year Old Crew, "Urban Prophetz" runnin' Hip Hop events, managing artists and slowly developing into a label hopefully (but not quite ready to call ourselves one just yet!) Been performin/recordin' and learnin to produce, eva since. Also passin' da knowledge at Hip Hop workshopz wit a few of the old Verbal Essence gurlz and UPC Crew Members.

Career Highlightz so Far: "Fat Pizza Live" Performance, Doing Waitangi Day & Pacific/Nesian Events in Sydney, Totally Wild & Girl TV Performancez and interviewz, Triple J freestyle night, SBS interview with Youth Torque. I could go on, but I'll spare ya the reading..hehe.
Your influences?
I'm a PAC lover, sorry Biggy fanz. Luv mah RnB too. Da Brat, Timbaland, Tech n9ne, Bone, Kurupt/DPG, Lauryn Hill, Mary J, WC, Dre (of course), shyt i could go on foreva.
Favorite spot?
Brizzy & K-town (New Zealand West Coast)
Equipment used:
Mostly digital at da moment. Doing a bit of Keyboarding, stringz & drum kitz wit da studio tho.
Anything else...?
Peep These:
KWEST - (UPC Brisbane Syndicate)
HOPEY ONE - (Beatbox Kween)
TRIBAL SYNDICATE - (Mad Production)
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