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DJ Triple Threat
DJ Triple Threat
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There are many things one can add to a man’s character but there are not too many things that one can subtract from a man. DJ Triple Threat is one of those men. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, being a part of Hip Hop culture from a young age, DJ Triple Threat started rapping at the age of seven and gave his life to Christ at the young age of eight. Like many he strayed but answered the call of Christ in his life at 17 when he was faced with a personal health crisis. During this time, God healed him miraculously and since then he had changed the message of his music from simply positive to using it as a tool to reach the lost for Christ.

DJ Triple Threat has released three projects to date with “Good News Music” releasing in Fall 2005, “The Rain” in Summer 2008, and “Black & White” in the Winter of 2009. His latest offering “Life Introspection” is his most personal and prolific work yet and will be available June 21st, 2011.

Beyond being a rapper, Threat is an entrepreneur, mix DJ, radio show host, manager, music producer, and promoter. Although he is proficient in many different areas, he serves in excellence in all areas and not just a mere jack of all trades. He is currently in seminary at Gordon-Conwell for his Master's in Divinity and desires to be involved with more full time ministry in the near future.
Why this name?
The name DJ Triple Threat has much significance. It represents my skills as a rapper, producer, and DJ. It honors God who is three in one and forever the original triple threat. I go by DJ Triple Threat as opposed to just triple threat because I started DJing back 2003 and the fact that there are numerous artists and groups who use that name, LOL.
Do you play live?
You can find me rapping and djing throughout the New England area as well as abroad when the opportunity avails itself. I play live at churches, concerts, parties, open mics, etc. I also produce, write, and promote for local and national artists as well through 343 Music Productions along with my crew, Fonz and Disciple.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has both added and taken away the music industry. Sites like Soundclick and others offer free promotion for upcoming and established artists, bands, DJ's and producers. Other websites may offer free music (illegally at most) but may not offer free promotion, no payment for music, or credit for the music downloaded.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only for a distribution deal.
Band History:
DJ Triple Threat hails from Boston and has been making music since the age of seven. Answering the call of Christ in his life at a later age, he dramatically changed the message of his music. Now he seeks to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through his beats and rhymes to a God seeking generation.
DJ Triple Threat is also a mixtape and radio DJ in Boston as well as a music producer. He worked with local artists providing music services for demos, singles, and albums.

Your influences?
My music influences are definately Grits for their innovation, Cross Movement for their lyricism and tehological approach, and Toby Mac for his ability to blend various styles of music to form a new style all his own.
Favorite spot?
The 343 Music Studios, at church, With the fam and the crew, Gordon Conwell, and of course Boston, baby!
Equipment used:
A PC, two standard studio monitors, Magix Music Maker 15, Cuebase 5, a mini-amp, A Tascam audio interface, Sony Soundforge, dynamic and condenser mics, Numark TT200 turntables, a keyboard, and Sony mixing headphones for live mixing/cueing.
Anything else...?
The new album "Life Introspection" now on Amazon @ or on iTunes @! Go cop that!!!

Go to!!!!

You can purchase "Black & White" on Holy Culture Download @

CD Baby for "Good News Music" & for "The Rain"

Apple iTunes Linkfor good News Music:

Need beats? Hit up or We sell pre-made beats and can do custom beats for sale.

Check out DJ Triple Threat's radio show Word On The Streets on Saturdays 10-11am.
Life Introspection Album Cover
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