The Victims Of Kool
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Bad Ass Momma
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play hi-fi  10 cent boots
play hi-fi  Waitin in Line
play hi-fi  For Robin (Trower)
play hi-fi  Boogie Chillen
play hi-fi  We Need
play hi-fi  I'm Still in Love with You
play hi-fi  When I look into your Eyes
play hi-fi  I will Love You all my Life
play hi-fi  Tired of You
Ohh YYeeeaaahhhh !! We be Jammin and you be dancin!

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OOOhhh YYeeaahhhhh !!!.....

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Why this name?
So what? You may ask is a victim of kool?
Ever tried to be cool? You know, popular by means of what you do and how you do it?
Cool as in someone who is cool. If you are poor or missing out in life because of the time
you spent trying to be cool.......Then you are a victim. A Victim of Kool. Why the "k" instead
of "c" in the word cool? Because it's cool. Or should I say Kool.......
Actually it looks better in the trademark as a "k" than it did as a "c", which is itself, Kool
Why the sunglasses? Because they're kool..........
The Victims of Kool is a means by which Craig Stevenz has attempted to spread koolness
across the planet for a number of years. Victimizing as he goes........
Leaving victims and koolness behind.
Prepare to be Victimized
Prepare to be Kool
Boogie Chillen !!
Do you play live?
We been playin since 87 as the Kool. Different Bass Players, Different drummers through the years but Craig jus keeps on goin!

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How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Total fan flexability. No more buying the "cuts" you don't like. Custom Albums (cd's). You hear what you want and can change it as fast and easy as you want. What a deal!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
They offer fame, sex & drugs by virtue of the fame.

I want the money.......
Band History:
Since the winter of 87 - 88.......We just been tryin to have some fun and boogie down....
Your influences?
Pat Travers, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner.....
Favorite spot?
Early Morning, Hot Coffee, The 2X6 nearby
Equipment used:
Home made guitars and Stratocasters
powered by a Marshall MK11 Lead - Peavey Classic 50 4x10 , Two ADA Viper combo's and a ADA Cobra Combo, Marshall dsl 401..... Old Thomas Organ Cry Baby's - dod phase shifter - mxr compressor piloted by the 2x6 guitar..
Anything else...?
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