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* All music was written, produced & performed by Les July *

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On The Fly with Les July
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This is a MUST SEE reel cut from footage documenting Les' career thusfar. As a consumate musical performer and on camera host, this clip features appearances by Stevie Wonder, Slash, Todd Rundgren and Herbie
Safe House
New School
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Les July is an extremely unique self-contained recording artist / producer who sings, writes and plays several instruments. His new project, "Dreamland" is a 'double album on one CD'. It's is a unique combination of great, catchy songs, intelligent, thought provoking lyrics, world class musicianship and great production. All coming from one person who has been known to exibit paranormal tendencies. IT IS ON SALE HERE. See box on top of page opposite CD cover. My Music-my store.

An endorsement from music visionary icon, Kate Bush has brought Les worldwide attention via youtube. His recordings that feature his trumpet playing has drawn many comparisons to Miles Davis. As a producer, his knowledge of multiple genres of music and his ability to 'mash them up', has led to work with artists of many different cultures.
While in Los Angeles, Les gave of his time by volunteering @ Cedar-Sinai Medical Center as a Music For Healing therapist and he has worked with top artists in every vein of contemporary music from Slash to k.d. Lang to Dr. Dre to Herbie Hancock. He produced a short form documentary “ On The Fly with Les July ”, that chronicles his eclectic life and career in Hollywood, Ca. and features everyone from Stevie Wonder to Adam Sandler. This documentary not only showcases Les’ wide ranging musical talents but his on-camera personality as well.
Les has recently moved back to NYC where his first gig was opening for Todd Rundgren to a sold out crowd at B.B Kings. Les owns his own recording studio where he also produces music for other artists, film and does voice-overs. With recognition in all genres of contemporary music, Les has managed to escape categorization as an artist, producer and musician.
Why this name?
Les July is my REAL name. I didn't choose it.

Do you play live?
I LOVE playing live ! As a solo performer, I have opened for a diverse group of established artists from Todd Rundgren to Ivan Neville.

As a bassist / guitarist and musical director, I have performed live with many top artists of all genres.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Easier access to talent. This is a GOOD thing...(most of the time.)

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm not so sure about that at this time.
Band History:
Band ? What band ? Did anyone see a band ?

Your influences?
As a vocalist, my influences include Roland Orzabal(Tears 4 Fears), Peter Gabriel, Adrian Belew and Seal.

As a bassist, my main influences are Marcus Miller (who I grew up with), James Jamerson (Motown) and Jaco Pastorius.

As an electric guitarist, my main influences include Jimi, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Nile Rodgers, Steve Vai and Prince.

As an acoustic guitarist, my main influence is Nancy Wilson (Heart). I've known her for many years and a LOT rubbed off on me. I also dig Lindsay Buckingham and Michael Hedges.

My obvious trumpet influence is Miles Davis, although Al Hirt was the first trumpet player I ever heard and the reason I am a musician.

As an overall producer, my main influences are Prince, Kate Bush and Todd Rundgren.
I also LOVE Holland, Dozier, Holland and Brian Wilson.

Favorite spot?
46th & Broadway in New York City. The " Hum " near Times Square.
Equipment used: I'm just gonna give away all my 'sonic secrets'! Nice try.

Anything else...?
I work...I get the job DONE.