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Tower Of Wankers
NEWS   Don Juan has died age 20 R.I.P, Lou Kemia is recuited as new guitarist
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The Line-Up is:
Pete O'File - Vocals
Betty Swollocks - Backing Vocals
Percy Cution - Guitar
Mike Oxlarge - Bass
Cotton Runt - Drums
Lou Kemia - Guitar

R.I.P Don Juan
Band History:
The TOW first formed when brothers Mike Oxlarge and Percy Cution met Pete O'File in a drug rehab clinic in 2002, they formed a band initially as a way to pass the time in rehab, shortly afterwards Pete was sectioned under the mental health act and sent to Whittingham hospital, were he met Betty Swollocks and Betty was subsequently drafted into the band. They now already had vocalists and guitar players but no drummer, so after a long time searching they eventually bumped into Cotton Runt on the back of the bus from Wymott Prison. The circle was now complete, and their mutual love of grind sealed their fate so to speak. They began working on Third Bog Along over one week in 2003 and the album was finished by the weekend. They also recently recuited long-time friend Lou Kemia as Pete O'Files replacement on guitar so Pete can focus on vocal dutties, and long-serving Tower Keyboard player Don Juan recently passed away during a fire at his home, he will be missed R.I.P.
Your influences?
Busted, McFly, The Backstreet Boys, all the greats ya know....R.I.P Bustay
Equipment used:
ESP and PRS Guitars, Roland TD8 Electric Drumkit, Tanglewood & Fender Basses, Marshall and Trace Elliot Amplifiers, Peavy and Shure Microphones, Line-6 Effects, EMG pick-ups, BC Rich Guitars (occasionally), S&W & Beretta firearms.
Anything else...?
If you have any crazy sh*t to say, contact us through MSN messenger at or on AIM at ilostthebomb
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