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Victor Pez
Subir al cielo
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The internal soul of native America.
No Sunshine
New School
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Como Pez "como ves".
Like a fish on the sea, swimming deep, watching open for survive, moving fast when I can.
Bring a tune in the storm, bring some joy when I can.
No to much is all I got, but precious faith never fail.
Trying hard from my heart, Searching answers in the real,
Going inside when I can, trying no trust much in my feeling or distress.
Always shines the sun about even darkness comes at night.
but I trust and hope for new day that is just by faith around.
Why this name?
Como Pez
Do you play live?
Texas and Mexico
Band History:
Desde los setentas viajando por sur, centro y Norte America , y la musica era mi modo de sobrevivir y expresar mi amor.
Your influences?
Victor Pez
River of the sea
My oldest grandchild
The playground of the Mayas
Tenochtitlan 1973
Coming from the jungle my kids want a ride
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My girls on the harvest
My lady
Part of nature
Avandaro festival
On the job
Cuenca Band
Our band Andes
Jam Festival
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Lizi and Dad
como pez
On the road
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Our sacred heart