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I'm a a singer/songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I've tinkered with many instruments but pretty much stick to piano and guitar.

I've been a member here at Soundclick for about 8 years now, and I absolutely love the community here, I have met some incredible people from all over the world.

I have collaborated with a lot of different musicians in my time here, but most recently I have been working quite closely with Juri Rosenfeld, a.k.a Grand Jury Juri is an utterly amazing composer, musician, arranger, producer from Finland. And I am thrilled to have worked with him. Very often the lyricist for these songs is Dawn Sinclair an extremely talented and prolific writer from England. From time to time I have worked with other artists as well, most of whom I have met here on Soundclick. Another SC member, Tom Moore and I have worked closely together on many projects as well, including a 17 song Christmas CD. I absolutely love the musical collaboration but have recently been trying to focus on slowly but surely completing some more of my own original compositions and hope to have a CD of my own ready soon.

Also check out the band Fractured Beauty, another collaboration project .A bit different for me, but I like trying new things! So check out

Fractured Beauty

And be sure and check out Luke Whittall who is mentioned more further down, but suffice to say some of the songs on here wouldn't be the same if not for Luke!

Luke Whittall

Tom Moore

Why this name?
Well, I was pretty much born with it...
Do you play live?
I do play live, but have been out of the circuit for a while. Am hoping to break back into the scene though, open mics and coffee house gigs for now maybe, long as I can play.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Gives more exposure to those of us who need it, and it gives us another route to take. It's kinda nice to have access to so much unheard music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, maybe, I don't know. Kinda want to keep doing things the way I want to do them, that's the only thing, but you never know...
Band History:
I also just wanted to mention that on a few of the older songs posted here there is another incredible musician that I have to acknowledge. His Name is Luke Whittall and he played on all of the songs here from the album Livingroom Days. Luke is a musical master,(in my humble opinion anyway) he plays guitar(s), piano, bass, flute, percussion and I'm almost 100% certain I am missing something, but suffice to say, he rocks! We have played many shows together in the past from bar gigs to variety shows, coffee houses, to talent searches and even dinner theatre, he has been instrumental (no pun intended...ha ha) in these songs, he did a lot of the arrangements and helped me to make them what they are. We seemed to share the same vibe a lot of the time, and that can be a really tough thing to find sometimes. So Thanks Luke, heh heh, if you're reading this that is...thanks for the years of musical awesomeness. Hopefully we'll have some more yet to come someday!
check out this link here for more on Luke and his vast talents!
Your influences?
I have always been a big fan of Sarah Mclachlan, others like Tori Amos, Bjork, Stevie Nicks rocks my world! But I also love to listen to Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin..all strong women with fantastic talents and a style truly their own. I hope some day I can have a more defined style, something uniquely me, but I' still workin on that one! I'm also really into classic rock, from Zeppelin to The Beatles. They don't make rock like that anymore. Too many other influences to mention. I have been on a Fleetwood Mac kick for...well, years now. One of the best bands ever I think! And again...just too many other influences to mention!!
Favorite spot?
I'm a pretty proud Nova Scotian. There's no where as pretty as the Annapolis Valley.
Equipment used:
Whatever I can get my hands on. Last week my piano bench was a drum...
I currently record using Ableton, use an AKG C 3000 B mic, then everything goes through a Roland Edirol UA-25 break out box. Special Thanks (for MANY reasons) to Juri Rosenfeld and Thomas Moore, without them, my music just wouldn't be anywhere near as good! My guitar is a cedar seagull, made in Canada! Yay!I have a flute I use on occassion and get creative when I need to...
Anything else...?
Currently, none of these songs are available for general download, however, if anyone would really like to obtain a copy of a particular song, please feel free to email me and I will consider granting your request! I want to make my music available, but would like to control that availability for the time being!

I'd love to hear from anyone about these songs, all feedback is welcome. You can post on the message board or email me. Thanks for listening!

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