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Bloodletting or phlebotomy, is a surgical practice dating back to antiquity. “Bad blood”, thought to contain demons that wished ill fortune on one’s life, was drained or leeched, in order to remedy various sickness and disease.

Why this name?
It seemed an approriate name for what the band means to the members, its an outlet for the things that are bothering us, for our aggression and emotions, an all out release for all of us.
Do you play live?
Harpo's, Detroit, Machine Shop, all over Michigan, Ohio, and even some in Florida, although we don't talk about that much. Fred Durst RUINED THE JACKSONVILLE SCENE. You bastard, you killed Kenny.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
People expect to get their music free, and if it's not free, then it better be damn good. It makes it tough in a way for bands to sell their C.D., but on the other hand, sites like this give you exposure you could never get carting around a backpack full of disks.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah, we all have crappy jobs. Even if we never get 'rich', just the chance to play around in a pro studio would be great.
Band History:
As taken from the band's press kit:

August 1998, not yet in high school, Floyd and Pinckney began filling their once quiet neighborhood in mid-Michigan, with sounds of distorted guitar riffs and raw metal drum beats. This half band became whole when Baker and brother Nick filled the positions of vocals and bass. They quickly began covering their favorite classics, and anything else that seemed a challenge. Original material was soon to follow, and by July of 2000, they had opened for their first national act at Harpo's Concert Theatre, in Detroit Rock City, a Mecca for metal bands in the mid-west.

After four years together, they had established a distinct sound and style, but had grown stale. They’d reached a creative plateau, and felt they weren’t progressing as well as they could have been. Change was imminent, the band felt relocation might lead to new inspiration, and help rekindle a smoldering torch.

After years of Michigan winters, the sunny beaches of Florida led Baker, Floyd, and Pinckney to Jacksonville in November of 2002. This left them an incomplete band in a strange new town. After dozens of seemingly hopeless tryouts, Millican proved to be exactly what they were looking for. With the line-up complete, Millican’s influence added the boost that was needed to begin evolving once again. Like an explosion, they were spitting out new songs, almost by accident.

Early November 2003, Bloodletting moved their newly remodeled and finely tuned band, back to their hometown of Potterville, MI. With a hand-full of new songs, and a few modified local favorites, the production of their independent debut release: Practical Medication, is currently underway.

Over the course of their career, Bloodletting has played crowds of up to 2,500 fans, with bands ranging from: Flaw, Ill Nino, Kittie, Dope, 40 Below Summer, Mushroomhead, Life of Agony, Six Feet Under, and Lamb of God to: Dead Kennedy’s, 8stops7, and Apartment 26.

Your influences?
MudVayne, 40 Below Summer, Coal Chamber, Il Nino, Soul Fly, Slipknot
Favorite spot?
Jacksonville, FL was kickass as far as the beaches and the people, but I gotta show love for Detroit, the best metal scene ANYWHERE. Detroit Wh0t?
Equipment used:
junk. I think one of the vocal mics is an AKG, umm, the drumset is to big to get into, its a black Pearl Export with tons of toys on it, the guitar stack is a Randall solid state with a Hugh's & Ketner cab w/ 4 Greenback 12's in it. The bassist uses a Peavy TNT combo.
Anything else...?
send money or something.