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New School
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- 2005:
* N 1 in sub-genre Rock en Espanol (February, March, April, May, June, July & August; 2005)
* N 2 in genre Rock (July; 2005)
- 2006:
* N 1 in sub-genre Rock en Espanol (April & May; 2006)
* N 4 in genre Rock (April & May; 2006)

* N 1 in sub-genre Rock en Espanol (August & September; 2005)
* N 2 in genre Rock (August; 2005)

* N 1 in sub-genre Rock en Espanol (September, October & November; 2005)
* N 3 in genre Rock (November; 2005)

- 2005:
* N 1 in sub-genre Rock en Espanol (November & December; 2005)
* N 3 in genre Rock (November & December; 2005)
- 2006:
* N 1 in sub-genre Rock en Espanol (January; 2005)
* N 2 in genre Rock (January; 2005)

* N 21 between the best unsigned bands of all the genres (July, 2005).
2050 BEATS
NEW/ Ferreira Drake X 21 Savage
New School
Basic lease : 19.99$ Unlimited Lease (Track out ) :119.99$ Excusif : 500 $ Imess : 2050beatsbooking@gmail.com Mail : 2050beatsbooking@gmail.com Credit : Lil Chuckee, Pso Thug, Sosa and 600 artist around the glob
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play hi-fi  01 Se que me Amas
play hi-fi  02 Al Final del Camino
play hi-fi  03 Memorias
play hi-fi  04 Triste Ciudad
play hi-fi  05 Sombras
play hi-fi  06 Utopia
play hi-fi  07 Niebla en el Viento
play hi-fi  08 Mundo Extranjero
play hi-fi  09 Poseida
play hi-fi  10 Arrojen sus Armas
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Se você não puder usar Hi Fi, N.A.M. sugere que faça download em lugar de utilizar Lo Fi. A diferença de qualidade é muito grande.
As letras são em castelhano; para vê-las junto com a correspondente tradução ao inglês ou ao português, faça click em "Lyrics/Story".
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