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i moved from da projects, and then started to rapp serious....movin from da hood, was obviously my motivation....then i started makin mixtapes, and sellin em for 5 bonez at skooo, and after 7, i found my producer....da 6th Holla B
Why this name?
it was deliriyst, because sumone said delirious, and i built on it, but im "Furious" da man of many alias' kung fu flixx......
Do you play live?
free'in while im puffin a royal B, n drinkin st.ides Goddbody....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it letz da underground breach da surface...word lyfe
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
f*** all other labels b, juss down wit da CLAN, if im in da rap game, imma roll wit them, cuz noone else is as real as them..pce to da clan
Band History:
i made 7 lpz, 1-reminissin, 2-furious chonicles, 3-man of many alias's, 4-rapp armagedden, 5-Eighteen fatal strikes, 6-Buddha Chamber,7-Da Legend Of Two Verbalistz(Furious + Lo-Cut)....and hear i am....imma get astonishin skillz wit these lpz, then come out hard...a massacre
Your influences?
im down wit wu-tang da most, im down wit dmx, nas, cnn, bigg, pac, big L, gangstarr, nwa, eazy e, snoop, all oldskool shyt tho.... ,i cant stand da new shit, dat aint real shyt....newskool juss down for cash
Favorite spot?
350 greenhill Place (da hood)
Equipment used:
micphone,computer and ma mentalz
Anything else...?
any emcees or producers down wit oldskool real shyt...holla at me Dunn.....1
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