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NEWS   Well I'm working on some new songs and will get back in the recording studio hopefully by Nov 06'. I may record a fully produced version of "Tall" as I've been receiving a decent word of mouth. That's all for now, thanks for listening.
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play hi-fi  Awaken
play hi-fi  Tall (mastered acoustic version)
play hi-fi  Invisible (mixed/mastered)
play hi-fi  Alone (mastered)
play hi-fi  Collide/My Stupid Mouth Medley(live recording)
play hi-fi  Universal Intro
play hi-fi  Acoustic Vibin'
I'm a singer songwriter releasing an independent album entitled "Off-Centered"

It's basically an observation of my life experience, the high and low points of love and relationships as well as my take on how off centered the world can seem at times.

I'm writing, arranging, performing, and recording the music on this album in an attempt to capture some decent acoustic performances and release some demo songs (including bass, drums, and various ear candy) to give an idea of the direction I'm taking ... I believe releasing an independent CD will give me a chance to have something to sell at shows and on the internet so I can stay as a working musician, and also have some demo's I can shop around to various record companies.

I really hope everyone enjoys the direction I'm taking my music and if ya like it, tell a friend. If you don't like it, you never heard of me! ;) heh heh
Why this name?
I was born with it!
Do you play live?
Yes. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere... with free drinks as a prerequisite of course :-)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it helps give a larger voice to independent artists.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I definitely would since I am writing, playing, arranging, and producing all of my own stuff. I'm quite certain that the demo work I'm laying out right now will be drastically improved if I get a chance to brainstorm with some other musicians and work with a producer that isn't me. Right now I'm in a situation where I write out my arrangements, hand them and a pre-production scratch recording to a drummer and bass player I know... and I don't even get a chance to practice with them until the day of recording where we try to knock things out in 1-2 takes.
Band History:
I've been playing for quite a few years but it wasn't until some time in 2003 that I actually started to record my music.
Your influences?
Sting, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Brian Mcknight, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, U2, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Favorite spot?
Atlanta, not just because I'm currently located here either :-D
Anything else...?
I'm always up for giving or receiving encouragement since it seems hard to come by in life. I've certainly felt that as a musican. Even your own family and friends at times can make you feel it's an impossible dream... Though I'm quite blessed to have parents that believe in me. I understand the risk of trying to make it as a musican because a lot of us grow up hearing that success is equated in some aspect to titles. By that I mean there are people who decided to be a lawyer, doctor, or [insert successful sounding title here]and that's fine if it's what they want to really do... For me though, I've never stived for any of those things and the title alone of being able to say "I'm a lawyer" or "I'm Dr Reed" is certainly not enough for me to pursue a career in that. There is a quote by a man named Cornel West who said "You must aspire for greatness... Not just success" and that is how I try to live my life.
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