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Hip Hop
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video created by our dear friend Paul aka Zest of keepthegreenalive.

Flawless Tracks
Summer Love
Jazzy Beats
Wale's Official Producers. FlawlessTracks@gmail.com for inquiries
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play hi-fi  Moongoddess
play hi-fi  11.11.11.mp3
play hi-fi  Thunder
play hi-fi  PoH
play hi-fi  For Emz
play hi-fi  The Walk
play hi-fi  Unconditional love
play hi-fi  Whoever
play hi-fi  Csaahh
play hi-fi  You go for too long
It started with The Walk & Footprints leave an impression :^)

We love music, we love to create our own Easy Listening relaxing therapeutic, healing vibrations.
In Love light & peace we walk this planet & share with you a part of us.

Hope you have a good day!


Why this name?
From a tune came our name
We wrote a song then created a mix-down. We loved the sound so we labelled it 'the real thing'... we recorded it again (on our trusty old four track) and labeled it Take 2... Which then led to 'the real thing 2'.. which we then shortened to rt2...hence our name Artytou.
Do you play live?
live in the lounge is where we like to be
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Thumbs up! It'll bring with it a new era in music with lots more independent artists being heard, giving us more choices of music to fall into.
Music for all.
Band History:
Born into this world to find each another and a haven of peace & music, to share good times with others.
Your influences?
Radiohead,Keane,Morcheeba,Zero 7,Leo Taglialavore,Oasis, pink floyd,Nigel Potter, Gomez, Turin Breaks,Portishead,Belle & Sebastian,Stoney,Marc Bolan, Adam & the ants,Emocion,Talk Talk etc etc
Favorite spot?

At home
Equipment used:
Basically anything that we can get a tune out of, bass, lead, acoustic guitar, singing bowl, voice, computer, keyboard, percussion stuff, biscuit tins, glass bottles, laughter, any sounds, oh and a zoom studio & a microphone helps.
Anything else...?

free podcast:

live at the attic
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