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Hi Bill. Just listened all through yours! Don't try this with mine, you'd be here next week. Nice new song of yours (Circle) at the top. Good luck!
Still a great song, David. All the best!
Stephen, you would be more than welcome in Kelso. American mountain/country ballads are very popular here because of the connection to the old Border minstrelsy. Thanks for the kind comments and generous offer! Flights can be cheap... if not carbon neutral!

Nice work! I listened to your featured songs, and the guitar work on "The Hen's Retreat from the Midden" and on "The Border Pole" is really phenomenal. I was also awed by "The Maid of Norway." I sometimes sing "Sir Patrick Spence" myself. However, your version has given me an entirely new perspective on how the ballad can be performed. It's going to take me a while, though, to listen to all 91 of your songs.

If I'm ever in or near Kelso, I'll try to visit your club. Meanwhile, if you ever make it to New York City, please contact me. You know my e-mail address from the newsgroup.

Kindest regards,
Steve Suffet
U R old ass SH**************T!
Old man river.......
Very Smooth...our individual sound isn't too far away from eachother.
Great stuff.
Will try to put a link in the new Troubadour web pages if I can just get round to doing them! Got electric-fied zouks now and they work well. Nice work on your acoustic tracks!
Excellent music.
Version of Matty Groves is good.

We use one of your Troubadour Lionheart bouzoukis on a couple of our songs (Cold Fire & Last Bus Home)
A Russian site (?) appears to be selling an mp3 CD including a few of my tracks, downloaded from Soundclick. I have no particular objetion to this type of mp3-only CD compilation, it's a good alternative for those without broadband, but they never asked permission as far as I can recall.
Any insight into who they are or what they say (in Russian) much appreciated. So far I have only been known in Russia as the author of a book about lighting for photography!
"Another Great Day" sounds beautiful. Very peaceful & relaxing.

Please feel free to check out my latest song "Jump." It'd be most appreciated if you'd let me know what you think of it and comment on my board. Thanks!

Mark Paul
Just stopping by to give your songs a listen, good stuff, keep up the good work!
Check out my site when you get a chance. Friend & fan, Don Tipton
Thanks for all the feedback guys! I'm not recording much right now but our little folk club in Kelso is booming. We have raised enough to install permanent speakers, with wiring to hidden jacks, and get radio mics so a table where musicians are playing can be given a 'lift' - with anything up to 20 musicians at six tables, we need to be able to give them a way to take turns and not be drowned out on quiet stuff. Anyway, another session tomorrow, and that's what I really enjoy - we've built up from three or four of us to a whole large group of musicians and singers so there's guaranteed music in the town whenever it is needed.
David I believe your music is getting better with time. We love it.
Great stuff mate! Always nice to hear fellow irish music entusiasts.
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