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play hi-fi  02. YD - If I'm Lying I'm Dying
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play hi-fi  04. Interlude
play hi-fi  05. Wonder Woman (YD IC Remix)
play hi-fi  06. YD - IC Vacation
play hi-fi  07. Interlude
play hi-fi  08. Mickey Cohen feat. YD - Numbers Don't Lie
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Biography of YD

YD, a Hip-Hop artist residing in Southwestern Pennsylvania, is the next big thing this genre will embrace. From his passion, which currently seems to be missing in the game, to how he carries himself on and off the mic, there is no better representation of Hip-Hop culture. Although he claims “I’m so east coast, down to my street clothes”, YD’s style transcends from coast to coast and every demographic. “I just have that flavor, that swag,” says YD. “I got people from the South, the Midwest, NY, so I guess all that just rubs off on me.”

It’s no longer breaking news that the state of Hip-Hop isn’t what it used to be. With record sales at an all time low, the numbers are forcing rappers to follow trends and compromise the art form. YD doesn’t see that as a problem at all boasting, “I’m someone America will fall in love with. I’m a Grammy Award Winning artist. I look good on a poster.” He definitely has the confidence it takes but at the same time very humble. “I’m the first one to say “I’m the illest!”, but I’m also the first one to say “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

As far as the music is concerned, YD’s attitude is “How you want it?” From showcasing the swagger on “On Point”, to appealing to the ladies on “Here For A While”, to depicting the youth living too fast on “Take It Slow”, which is like a short-film on wax with lines such as “her period was late, she aint say a word to mom/ test stick in her urine stream was her First Response/ seen the two pink lines and broke down…”, YD proves to be one of the best overall, period. “To be honest, I’m just blessed. I say that because I just do me and it appeals.”

YD’s reasoning for striving to get on is different than most, he claims “I already live like a star. I already have a mean fan-base. I already have a successful career which includes albums, mixtapes, concerts, photo shoots, radio interviews, videos, etc.” He continues, “I would say personally, but many others feel this way too, I just feel the game and the people who truly love this would be missing out on something special.” All it’s going to take is one meeting for major record labels to lock the door and pull out the paper and pen.

Ill County & Superstar Jay Presents – YD IC Vol. 2: If I’m Lying I’m Dying

01. Intro
02. YD - If I’m Lying I’m Dying (produced by YESSURR Productions)
03. YD – COO
04. Interlude
05. Wonder Woman (YD IC Remix)
06. YD – IC Vacation
07. Interlude
08. Mickey Cohen feat. YD – Numbers Don’t Lie (produced by Purps Beatz)
09. King Geoff – A Toast (produced by Fase O)
10. Interlude
11. YD - Here For A While (produced by Nx Productions)
12. Interlude
13. Mickey Cohen – This Is Why I’m Hot
14. Petey – I’ma Rep(IC) (produced by Akreatek)
15. YD - Straight Path
16. Mickey Cohen feat. Petey – Brothers (produced by Purps Beatz)
17. Interlude
18. YD – Take Dead Presidents
19. Pre$$ - ASAP
20. YD & Pre$$ - Goodie Man (produced by Burner)
21. Interlude
22. Mickey Cohen – IC’s In The Building (produced by Purps Beatz)
23. Makin’ Music Productions Interlude 3
24. Twain feat. P-Ride -When You See Me (produced by YD)
25. YD – They Aint Got A Clue (produced by Purps Beatz)
26. 2 Gunz – Secrets (produced by YD)
27. YD – You’re Gonna Love Me
28. League – I’m League (produced by Enygma)
29. YD – The Office (produced by Slomo)
30. Outro

YD – Southwestern PA

01. Intro (produced by Snika)
02. On Point (produced by FillUp Bankz Enterprises)
03. I’m A Star (produced by Kingsmen Productions)
04. Here For A While (produced by Nx Productions)
05. Take It Slow (produced by Enygma)
06. Interlude (produced by YESSURR Productions)
07. Do It Like This feat. P-Ride (produced by YD & Slomo)
08. What I Want feat. Petey (produced by YESSURR Productions)
09. Hustle feat. Mickey Cohen & Tim (produced by Ansane)
10. Work It Out feat. Nique & 2 Gunz (produced by Enygma)
11. PA feat. Pre$$ & Petey (produced by Slomo)

Bonus Track
12. I’m A Star (Remix) feat. 4 Sho, Pre$$, P-Ride, Mickey Cohen & Twain (produced by Kingsmen Productions)

Executive Producer: YD
Co-Executive Producer: Twain C.E.LO.

YD - YD IC Vol. 1: I’m A Star

01. Jack Evans Intro
02. YD - The Ill Is Back (produced by Arkane Productions)
03. YD - Reppin’ IC
04. Poppin’ (YD IC Remix)
05. YD - Boss
06. Hip-Hop/Rap Interlude
07. YD - Where Ya’ll At
08. Mickey Cohen - Katrina (produced by YESSURR Productions)
09. YD - You Aint Me
10. Southwestern PA Interlude
11. YD - I’m A Star (produced by Kingsmen Productions)
12. YD - Blow
13. League - Lyrics 4 Days (produced by Epik The Dawn)
14. Relationships Interlude
15. YD - Wrong
16. YD - Love Me
17. YD - Leave It Alone (produced by Kingsmen Productions)
18. Makin’ Music Productions Interlude 2
19. 2 Gunz – Can’t Call It (produced by YD)
20. YD - Bury Me A G
21. Caller Interlude
22. Twain - What I’ve Seen (produced by Da Beatzsmith)
23. Hit-Making Interlude
24. YD - Show Stopper
25. Mickey Cohen – Rock Star (produced by YESSURR Productions)
26. YD - Coming Soon
27. YD Speaking On Petey Interlude
28. Petey - Gangsta (produced by Marinated Musiq)
29. YD - IC’s A Dynasty
30. Outro

YD - Code of Ethics

01. Intro (produced by Outta Reach Productions)
02. I-L-L (produced by The Specialists)
03. Event (produced by Devize)
04. Break/Make Up (produced by Kingsmen Productions)
05. Code of Ethics Interlude 1
06. A Dreamer feat. Petey (produced by Enygma)
07. Twain & Duke feat. Twain (produced by Slomo)
08. Song For You (produced by Money Trice)
09. Under Questioning (produced by TrackMonstas Ent)
10. Hip-Hop feat. P-Ride (produced by Absolute Zero)
11. Let The Music (produced by The Last Poet)
12. Can’t Take You Home (produced by DJ Gabeezy)
13. Code of Ethics Interlude 2
14. Love or Lust (produced by Arkane Productions)
15. Masterpiece feat. 2 Gunz & Mickey Cohen (produced by Stick Em Up Productions)

Executive Producers: Duke & Twain

YD - Code of Ethics: The Mixtape

01. Voice Mail
02. Intro
03. Event (produced by Devize)
04. Ruffed Grouse
05. Freestyle
06. Twain Interlude
07. Oh This Is Me Here (produced by NuLevel Productions)
08. Inspiration
09. League Interlude
10. Let The Music (produced by The Last Poet)
11. Still Cruisin’
12. Rhymes
13. Makin’ Music Productions Interlude
14. Petey - What I Believe (produced by YD)
15. Heard Him Say
16. I-L-L (produced by The Specialists)
17. Outro
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