NEWS   we got a guitar/keyboard player recently and he Andy on the guitar and keys,seems motivated to roll on some shows and recording a.s.a.p.
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play hi-fi  desperation
play hi-fi  a robots emotion
play hi-fi  fight
play hi-fi  no harm
play hi-fi  building
play hi-fi  die star
play hi-fi  broken piano
we are so far a simple 2piece that sounds like so much more- bass and drums can go far if you know how to use them-
Why this name?
because it fits
Do you play live?
in houses so far- only a few bars and all ages venues- wherever we can
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
of course
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
probably- but i would rather start my own
i would not give the major label any license on the creative side of the music-if they want pop music go away-
Band History:
oh- yah- this project originally started with me and a 4track- then it went into live music with other members years ago- it tends to fluctuate and the way that we sound live does also because we tend to have a flux of musicians- nostalgia has had 2different drummers and uncountable flaky guitar players- some really bad violinists and keyboard players- we are getting more knit together with the current set up- Thomas on the drums and me, Kristin on the bass and barritone guitar- this seems to be something that will last- you never can tell with these things- just keep your ears open for more recordings in the near future- maybe i will update this to VIP or get my own website
Your influences?
to get more into your own thing you must stop exposing yourself to all the others- but draw on what you will- i like the rythm of the city
Favorite spot?
portland or.
Equipment used:
Bass uses- BOSS-dd6/dd3/dd4/rc20/blues driver/ds1/ and a big muff pi/ Ampeg B100 bass amp and a Peavey keyboard amp
guitar uses- Boss d1 distortion/dd6/phase/and a Fender 2 ten combo
Anything else...?
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