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play hi-fi Up The Clouds
Majestic Drama
XO night life (hook by Majestic Drama)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Ted Blackwell
Adrian Adonis
*2017* Light It Up (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)
Film Music
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play hi-fi  Walls That Should Never Be There
play hi-fi  The Wall
play hi-fi  Fallen In Love For The First Time (All Over Again)
play hi-fi  Natural
play hi-fi  Home Again
play hi-fi  I Used To Pack A Sixpack
play hi-fi  Watching The Face On The Wall
play hi-fi  The Reunion
play hi-fi  Homeless Cowboy
play hi-fi  Gambling (Just To Be Here With You)
I'm playing the songs I write and posting them for anyone who is curious enough to listen. Any singers out there who want to cover my songs ... please contact me.